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Windows XP ISO Download : It was in the year 2001 to be precise on 24 August 2001 that Windows XP came into existence but it was after the launch of Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME) which was in the year 2000 that people’s expectation from the Windows XP had gone down. This image did not stay for long because once it came into usage it was mind altering and the same could also be seen in the records Windows XP soon came to be recognized as the Greatest Microsoft Edition of that time. Nothing in that time could match up to what Windows XP had just created because everything else was just either too slow and laggy or too simple. Win XP came along with a better User Interface and Simpler yet useful features, it was just the thing to rule and leave it competitors far behind it was just rocking the cradle for a new era of Operating Systems. Probably all these features made people its fan and it still continues to attract people.And, probably that is exactly why you ended up here, looking for the Windows XP ISO Download.

Anyway, looking ahead if that’s what you are looking for, you are at the right place. Here, you will find the easiest and working links for Windows XP Download. Also, you will find here windows XP home edition ISO.

Windows XP ISO

Windows XP ISO Download (Setup Files) – Introduction, Features and more Info:

This has already been mentioned in the above section that Windows XP came after the launch of Windows ME, and was able to manage to create a huge sensation as everyone loved it. It was not only fast but it was light, and it also looked really beautiful. Also, on when we compare the Windows XP to the Windows ME, we realized that it had a more intuitive user interface and simplicity. The above-listed reason is just a few of the reasons, which made Windows XP, the hit that it was. So, if you intend to download the Windows XP let us first have a look at those steps first and later on the Windows XP professional ISO.

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Features of Windows XP (In Professional Edition and Windows XP Home Edition):

  • Automatic Software Installation and Maintenance
  • Automatic Wireless Connection
  • Help and Support Centre
  • Fast Startup
  • Internet Firewall
  • Network Setup Wizard
  • Portable PC Support
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Remote Installation Services

Features of Windows XP (Home Edition):

  • Beneath are some of the Features of Windows XP (Home Edition)
  • Automatic Wireless Connection
  • Fast Start-up
  • Help and Support Centre
  • Internet Firewall
  • Network Setup Wizard
  • Portable PC Support

So, the above mentioned were the New Features which the Windows XP had to offer as a surprise to its users, these features mentioned above are in addition to all the awesome Features that were present in the Windows ME

Technical Details about the Windows XP ISO Setup Files and System Requirements for Windows XP ISO:

The above sections provide the most attractive and important features of the Windows XP Professional and Home Editions. It was necessary to write about these features because it was because of these features that Windows XP got better and of more use to the public. After looking at all its features lets now know about the ISO Files of Windows XP here.

Technical Details – Windows XP ISO Files:

Software Name: Windows XP ISO

It has an offline/Standalone Full SetupType of Setup and Microsoft is the developer and the lone author of the same. It has an incredible Compatible Architecture of 32 Bit (x86), 64 Bit (x64)

The System Requirements for Windows XP ISO are:

It requires a Processor of 233 MHz Pentium 3 or Above Processor, A RAM of 64 MB, the system should have a Storage Space of 1.5 GB, a CD/DVD ROM and a Sound Card

Well having these features in a system would not even be a problem and probably no system would even fail on these requirements considering it to be the Year 2017 or even after that. So now further scrolling down in order to download Windows XP ISO. Here one can easily find out links in order to download the Windows XP Bootable ISO.

Windows XP ISO – Windows XP Download Setup Files for Free (Download Links and Steps to Install):

In the above section, you got to read a lot of information about the Windows XP, Windows XP ISO Files, their Technical Details and the System Requirements for the Installation of Windows XP ISO. It is now the perfect time to share the correct Download links for Windows XP Bootable ISO. One might also download the Windows XP home edition ISO, if they wish to. Even though it is not the most recommendable one, still it proofs to be a really useful one.

Download Windows XP ISO (OEM Version):

  • Windows XP Home Edition ISO [Download SP 2]
  • Windows XP Professional Edition ISO [Download SP 2]
  • Windows XP Professional Edition ISO [Download SP 3]
  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition ISO [Download SP 3]
  • Windows XP Professional Edition ISO (Windows XP Download) [Download]

Note – If by chance the download client requires you to input a Username and a Password then input the following details:

UN: 1234,

PW: 1234

Note: If while installing you encounter any .7-zip format files then you would require installing a 7-Zip Extractor. Below here are some of the links for downloading the 7-Zip Extractors for different Operating Systems, just find yours and you would be good to go.

Links to download the 7-Zip Extractor Download:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS

How to Install Windows XP ISO successfully? Step by Step Guide for Windows XP Boot Disk Setup after Windows XP Download:

Unfortunately, just downloading the Windows XP Bootable ISO won’t be enough. After, downloading the Windows XP one needs to Install it and set everything up. This might even turn out to be a bit annoying at times if you don’t know exactly how to go about it. This is why below are the Steps mentioned as to how to Setup the Windows XP Boot Disk.

  1. Download the 7-Zip Extractor according to your OS
  2. Now, download the Windows Files and Extract their ISO Files
  3. Later burn these into a Bootable Windows XP CD or DVD
  4. Use the burned Windows CD to Install the Windows XP on your PC/ Device

Windows xp iso


Windows xp iso

Windows XP Home Edition Overview and Windows XP Demo/Video:

So as the name clearly describes Microsoft finally brought the Windows XP Home Edition which was specially designed for the Home PCs. They took special care that at home people don’t need to have all the highest metrics/stats for their PC’s configuration. At present what most of the people would be doing will be playing some games over it, which the XP Home Edition could easily bear. While Windows XP Professional was also launched later and it too is very famous and useful, for the Official works. Like if you would have to use a video editing software, and process a video worth 800-900 Mbs, in the year 2003 you would use Windows XP Professional ISO.

Returning back to the Windows XP Home Edition, it is one version and probably the only one at that time which you could use at Home. The best thing about it is that it is one of the most lightweight versions of the Windows XP. Although right now the Windows XP is not the newest version what Windows has to offer yet it still loved a lot by the people. The basic features of this Windows XP Home Edition SP3 were as follows:

Windows XP Home SP3 Features :

  • A new user interface which comes after simplifying WebViews
  • Better application and hardware compatibility
  • Enhanced digital media super Fast user switching option
  • support for movies, pictures, and music
  • Simplification of security and logging on
  • Support for Direct X version 8.0 technology for gaming

Windows XP Starter Demo Video:

Index – All about Windows XP ISO Download (Windows XP ISO Setup Files Free Download):

Well just too ensure that you did not miss anything in this article and you can make most out of the article without later getting in the havoc go though the index made below. This will surely save most of the valuable time. To make sure you gained all the information have a look at the index and verify if you read it all, or if you missed out on anything.

Index of Post about Windows XP ISO :

  1. It all started with the Introduction
  2. Features of Windows XP Professional and Home Editions
  3. Technical Details of Windows XP ISO Setup Files
  4. System Requirements for Installing Windows XP
  5. Links for downloading the Windows XP along with the windows XP home edition ISO
  6. 7-Zip extractor
  7. Steps for setting up Windows XP Boot Disk Setup
  8. Windows XP Home Edition ISO Overview and ended here

So, this was all the information we had in store for now. Going ahead, you will be able to find all the important information and all the Important Links for the Windows XP ISO Download. Let’s spread the knowledge you gained so if you find the article helpful, then share it with your friends who need to know this too.

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