5 Things Science Can’t Explain Still

5 Things Science Can’t Explain

As much as humans like to owe their existence to science, there are several incidents in the present day as well as in history that haven’t yet been backed by science. When science can’t explain the theory behind certain inexplicable happenings, it tends to regard them as things that don’t exist. From Phoenix Lights to mysterious disappearances, weird occurrences are more common than what people believe. They have raised several questions about the lack of scientific support.

1. Ghosts

This probably goes without saying that the existence and experience of ghosts are supposedly the most controversial subject ever. From the gory corpse of Banquo in Shakespeare’s Macbeth to the infamous movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street, spirits of dead have been a constant presence in human culture and folklore. Although there are no definitive proofs for the presence of ghosts, yet people have shared ghost stories, photographs, and even the public footages have shown people communicating with invisible spirits. Demonologists and ghost inspectors, on the other hand, long to prove that such strange happenings have communication between the dead and the living.

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science can't explain the ghosts mystery

2. Psychic powers and extra sensory perception

Prophecies that are dominant in legends and epics stem from the basic theory of having psychic powers and extra sensory perception. Although the scientific reasons of happenings behind psychic powers couldn’t be established. The idea has prevailed among human minds since ages. Researchers have tested people who claim to possess psychic powers. Yet, the results under controlled scientific conditions have either come back as negative or ambiguous. However, people who are staunch followers of prophecies and believe in ESP, state that psychic powers cannot be tested under scientific conditions as it rules out the core essence. If this indeed is true, then the strange happening could never be absolutely brought under scientific speculation.

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science can't explain the Psychic powers and extra sensory perception

3. Déjà vu

The extremely familiar term Déjà vu is derived from French which indicates a feeling of puzzlement and uncertainty. It stating that a set of circumstances have been experienced by the person before. The weird occurrence is common in all people. It has been recorded by several saying that they experience at least 5-6 Déjà vu incidents in a month. Some refer to such happenings as an insight or glimpse into their respective past lives. However, human psychology could offer a much clearer explanation to this. Nonetheless, the uncontrolled practice remains a mystery till today and science can’t explain the mystery till now.

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Déjà vu, The mysterious thing science can't explain still

4. Unaccounted disappearances

Disappearances are too common and there is nothing that could possibly be called mysterious about it, you might be thinking. Yet the difference between disappearances and mysterious disappearances is that the former is concluded with the persons being found and in the case of the latter, people just vanish into the blue. The scientific reasons of happenings such as the mysterious disappearances of Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa and Marie Celeste, cannot be explained despite the rigorous search sessions. It might be only in the case of true crimes that disappearances could be called at least being within the radar, but what about those that aren’t associated with murders and accidents?

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Unaccounted disappearances is still a mysterious thing

5. Increased diversity near the Equator

As one approaches the regions nearer to the Equator from towards the poles, there’s witnessed increased biodiversity of the planet as well as human culture. It was about 200 years ago that Alexander von Humboldt, a Prussian explorer, discovered the strange phenomenon. When you learn about an epidemic being spread in the regions of Africa or South America in history. This is not because people in these areas live with poorer health conditions. This is because viruses and diseases are much more active in Equatorial parts and affect them more. You might be thinking that scientific reasons of happenings such as these have already been found out, yet it’s not the case. There is a dozen of theories based on the phenomenon yet the result shows utter ambiguity.

Increased diversity near the Equator is a surprising fact which science can't explain


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