5 Ways to Clean Up Facebook News Feed

Cleaning Up Your Facebook News Feed: Facebook, the epitome of social networking can often get irritating to work with courtesy the unending and cluttered news feed. However, there is a step-pronged strategy that allows individuals to get only the required set of information while keeping the unwanted stuff at bay. Moreover, a cleaner Facebook News Feed is great to look at and readily facilitates exceptional levels of e-learning.

There are individuals who have had bitter rendezvous with annoying and uninteresting posts. Therefore, it becomes important to skip the same for a more rewarding experience. Facebook, however, comes across with some handy tools that can help users weed out unnecessary stuff; thereby allowing better accessibility to the posts of importance. At present, we will precisely focus on the mobile application concerning Facebook as the majority of users are slowly but steadily shifting towards the smaller devices.

5 Best Ways to Clean Up Facebook News Feed

1. The Snooze Tab

Clean Up Facebook News Feed

This tool is specially designed for combating the annoyance caused by friends and acquaintances. There are individuals who keep posting about their achievements, diet plans and a host of other issues. While some of these might garner interest for a certain period, incessant posts are surely irritating. Facebook has a customized snooze button that allows an individual to hide someone’s post for at least 30 days. The ‘Snooze’ feature is one of the few recently added attributes and can be easily accessed by tapping the triple-dot tab. This feature is relevant for brands, individuals, groups and even news outlets. Therefore, with the ‘Snooze’ button in play, individuals can stay away from those unwanted posts, at least for a span of 30 days.

2. Hiding the Post

Going old-school with the requirements might just be perfect when it comes to hiding the irrelevant posts. The option to ‘Hide’ a post automatically instructs Facebook that the individual doesn’t want to see updates from a specific profile as frequently as compared to others. This way Facebook will share fewer profile posts and only those which the platform considers necessary. This feature can also be accessed via the Triple-Dot button, besides any of the concerned posts synonymous to the profile. Once accessed, the individual can click on the Hide post option and then Facebook will ask for other choices, including permanent blocking and the option to unfollow. Hiding one post automatically decreases the post visibility of that specific profile.

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3. The Option to Unfollow

Over Facebook, you can still be friends with someone without following his or her updates, daily posts or whereabouts. Once unfollowed by clicking on the triple-dot tab, a person will no longer see updates from the concerned profile. It is important to understand that following someone’s Facebook activity is completely based on an individual’s discretion.

4. The Option to ‘Block’ or ‘Unfriend’

The worst case scenario or a permanent solution to the influx of unwanted posts would be to Block the person or unfriend the same. While this strategy must be used only when the user desperately wants to part ways with someone, blocking someone automatically removes the person from the friend list. This way, there won’t be any chance of post visibility on any given timeline. However, unlike the other given options, the concerned person will get to know that someone has unfriended or blocked him or her. Therefore, this must be the last option to go for.

5. Reporting the Post

Facebook boasts of a pretty vigilant grievance addressing scheme and reporting a specific post compels the existing algorithm to take action against the profile, only if the claims are validated with proofs. However, if a person finds a post as offensive, he or she can report the same. Facebook will then evaluate the situation by presenting a host of options, citing reasons for the same. This includes harassment, violence, self-injury, hate speech and a host of other relevant options. Facebook will automatically take the post down for the person who reports and he or she will have the option to Unfollow, Block and even Unfriend the person, based on the extent of infuriation. Once removed from the timeline of the person who reported the post in the first place. Facebook will review and the same and remove if it isn’t in sync with the community guidelines.

A cleaner and less convoluted Facebook News Feed is all that we need. Therefore, the mentioned strategies can be followed for keeping the unwanted posts and updates at a considerable distance.

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5 Best Ways to Clean Up Facebook News Feed
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5 Best Ways to Clean Up Facebook News Feed
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