7 Simple Photographer Tips to Get Famous on Instagram

Around more that 50 million new photos are uploaded on Instagram daily. iPhone in 2007 changed the digital photography but Instagram in 2010 reformed it.

“I loved it right away and it made me shoot every day,” says Dan Rubin, co-founder of The Photographic Journal. He thinks that Instagram is a platform where there is an ease of sharing photos instantly that make him take pictures where ever he went. As the purpose of the app is reliable from last few years, people have become classier. Selfies, dogs and food still got substantial amount of place in the Instagram world, but users are trying to do more with the app.

Simple Photographer Tips to Get Famous on Instagram


7 Simple Photographer Tips to Get Famous on Instagram

Dan Rubin  and Tyson Wheatley gave eight tips to improve your iPhone photography and Instagram feed. Here are the tips to get famous on Instagram.

1. Good Instagram Photos Take Planning

Instagram also needs planning while capturing photos like shooting a film. “It’s about putting yourself in a position to get a good photo,” says Wheatley, experimenting with angles, Location scouting, and planning around the light is very important for capturing an awesome photograph for Instagram. Refer the Best Photography websites which are available online for the new photographers to read and gather experience.

2. Take a lot of Photos

An amazing photo to share on Instagram cannot be captured in one shot.

Rubin said he shoot throughout the day, often taking 10-20 clicks of a single subject.

Rubin says he finds the new “favorite” photo feature in iOS 11 particularly helpful when he is shooting for Instagram. “It’s only been a week that I’ve had iOS 11, but I started [favorites] and now it’s part of my workflow, it is very similar to my Lightroom workflow for my DSLR.” he said.

Simple Photographer Tips to Get Famous on Instagram

3. Try Shooting Outside of the Instagram App

Typically use the natural camera app on iPhone or Android, rather than using the Instagram camera when clicking photos for the social network. As its easy to use and allows us to take multiple shots of the same passage without much scrabbling and got more controls than the Instagram camera.

“Using the Instagram camera, you have basically got one shot. It’s closer to taking a Polaroid,” says Wheatley.

The natural iPhone camera allows us to set focus and selects what you are being revealing for in that frame. Rubin and Wheatley both recommend cortex cam if you are shooting in low lights.

4. Hold Your Phone Horizontally

Holding your phone horizontally, like it would click like a SLR, is a no-brainer. Rubin find easier to frame the image later if he’s going to be cropping it. he said that “I don’t ever shoot in square because it can limit yourself in the editing procedure.”

5. Try Third Party Editing Apps and Edit in Phases

Flexibility came to people when the Instagram start allowing to import images from camera roll. After that, the user can use Instagram filter set.

Rubin believes many of the current photo editing apps are a direct result of freeing users in Instagram from preset filters and while VSCO is still the with the top standard for most of the mobile shooters. There are number of other apps that are great for micro changes.

Snapseed:  It is a Free full feature editor app which allows the user to place points on an area and adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast individually.

TouchRetouch:  it is a $0.99 clone tool which is good for getting rid of faults on an image.

Afterlight: $0.99 full feature editor, an old favorite of Rubin’s. this app is used as it adds a white border around photos that don’t fit the standard right-angled Instagram crop.

VSCO Cam:  This app is free with In app purchases. This photo-processing app is a full feature editor for most of the mobile shooters and where most of the major adjustments to photo is done like: sharpness, cropping, temperature, white balance, exposure, contrast and sometimes applying a VSCO preset.

Wheatley says that he always avoids doing any editing inside Instagram, but Rubin occasionally uses a preset in his final touch. This app is a whole lot easier now because of the extra control. You can apply one of those filters and then you share your photo on Instagram. Sometimes people add the tiniest bit of Valencia, but at a less percent to give a minor edge when they post.

Simple Photographer Tips to Get Famous on Instagram

6. Hashtags: Keep them Specific and Creative

Hashtags plays an important role in making famous and if the hashtag is being used correctly. These Hashtags are effective. Scattering your photo with random hashtags (#girl, #blessed, #love, #togs, #bestagram, #instamasters, #hastag, #instagood, #instalover) is not a smart way to use. It comes as its spammy.

“Hashtags are part of making Instagram a creative and fun place to be,” says Wheatley. But if you only want to gain likes and followers then, it is a wrong way to use. People should use only one hashtag and that one should be the perfect one. You can also find a cool one or start your own hashtag.

7. Connect with the Community to increase followers

It can be understated that the real power of Instagram is the community and making new connections as the whole social media depends on making networks and connections. Not just about meeting new people but getting inspired from them also. a lot of the photography that we see has been born from these communities and connections.”

Both Wheatley and Rubin say that the Instagram community is unbelievable and to some degree people aren’t actively engaging with. There is a massive world of people who are excited and passionate about what they see on the post of the person they are inspired of.

Attending an Insta meet (or hosting your own) can also be a great way to start connecting with that larger Instagram community and become famous.

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