7 Strangest Medical Case Reports

Ever experienced seizures due to spending an excessive amount of time in playing Sudoku? Or did your liver get inflamed due to excessive green tea consumption? If not then you are out of the bizarre lot that this list is about to showcase. In most recent and moderately recent medical reports, the most bizarre and strangest medical case reports have been reported that would blow your mind.

Strangest Medical Case Reports

When doctors encounter such medical reports, they often go on to a publish a case report on them so that it may help doctors and patients in the future to get familiar with the strangest occurrences. Take a look at the following most strange medical cases and try not to cringe.

  1. Rapunzel syndrome

    This case tells the report of a woman who had a hairball measuring 6 by 4 inches in her stomach. Don’t start gaping just yet, there’s more. The strange medical condition, Rapunzel syndrome, occurs due to a psychiatric disorder is known as Trichophagia. This disorder makes a person inexorably consume his/her own hair. This 38-year-old woman was found with a hairball measuring 6 by 4 inches in her stomach. And another measuring 1 by 1.5 inches in her small intestine.Rapunzel syndrome Strangest Medical Case Reports


  2. Stroke after being stung by a wasp!

    While working outdoors, a 44-year-old man showed eminent signs of having a stroke after being stung by an apparently angry wasp. According to The Journal of Emergency Medicine, there are several ways that a wasp’s sting could induce a stroke. For instance, if a person shows allergic reactions to a sting then his or her blood pressure might lessen, reducing the blood flow to the head. This strange medical news is the result of a wasp defeating a man at one stroke.Stroke after being stung by a wasp!, strange medical condition


  3. A 20 feet long tapeworm inside

    A strange (yet common) medical fact states that one could get infected with tapeworms if he/she indulges in the practice of consuming raw or undercooked beef. A 38-year-old Chinese man had been festering a tapeworm for more than two years that got 6 meters long by the time he was diagnosed. Pretty nasty, right?A 20 feet long tapeworm inside, a weird medical condition


  4. A basketball-size cyst

    After repeated complaints about the abominable pain in her stomach, an English woman was discovered of festering a cyst the size of a basketball in her ovary. The family doctor prior to the discovery kept insisting that the pain was due to her obesity.A basketball-size cyst sized strange medical case


  5. Hypernatremia due to excessive consumption of soy sauce

    The Journal of Emergency Medicine published last year in June about the consumption of excessive soy sauce by a nineteen-year-old that led 5 hours of 1.5 gallons of water pumping into the person’s system. This was done to bring back the boy’s sodium level back to normalcy. This strange medical news of hypernatremia elaborates that due to the intake of one quart of soy sauce (containing 150 grams of sodium) led to excessive pulling out of water from the tissue that ultimately resulted in shrinkage and bleeding of the brain.Hypernatremia medical disease due to excessive consumption of soy sauce


  6. The incurable twisted esophagus

    Probably the strangest medical condition in recent times, an 87-year-old Swiss woman reported of having pains every time she swallowed her food. X-rays showed that her esophagus twisted and turned every time she ate her food. Though condition is unknown, muscle spasms caused the pain in elderly woman.The incurable twisted esophagus is the strangest medical condition


  7. The star cataract

    Ever wonder that the cartoonish star-in-the-eyes could also have a literal version? A 55-year-old Australian got his lens ruptured after getting intensely punched in his eye that generated shock-waves. This shock caused a severe cataract in his eyes. However, this person’s strange medical fact is that the cataract in his eye took the shape of a star. Well, someone’s too dazed to see.The star cataract strange medical case


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7 Strangest Medical Case Reports
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