How to Activate Chat Heads on WhatsApp

How to activate chat heads on whatsapp : Do you also feel annoyed when WhatsApp constantly interferes into your everyday life? Are you of the thought that there should be something that puts an end to this nuisance? Well, keep on reading this article “How to enable chat heads in whatsapp.” There sure is a solution to this issue, and we’re going to discuss it right HERE! So, buckle up folks!

Remember the Chat Heads feature that Facebook introduced in 2013? The feature with the circular pop-ups that earned Facebook messenger the domination over the entire messaging app market? The very same feature is going to be our solution for this issue.

Yes, you heard it right! Now, you can activate the chat heads for WhatsApp as well! This just requires another app that actually does the thing for you. But hey that doesn’t matter because they are facilitating you. Right?

activate chat heads on whatsapp

The developers have found a way to make use of the chat heads in other messaging applications as well through the use of third party applications. This means, that whatever the app is, it can use chat heads if you have a plan worked out for them.

You don’t have to root your device or go through any illegal tweak in the software of the mobile in order to get the chat heads now. In case there is no problem while doing it by yourself. Hence, we are going to look at the apps that actually bring the chat head feature to your WhatsApp. The app for this purpose is Dashdow What App.

The design of the app is sleek and convenient. It is light on the memory as well as more efficient than the other apps in its work. So, without wasting another second, let us see some main purposes that people want from a chat head.

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The app is completely free for use and provides access to chat heads on the lock screen as well as phone screen. Follow the following steps in order to activate the chat heads for your WhatsApp.

  1. Download and install the Dashdow app in your smartphone.
  2. Open the app and you will see some options. Select the option that says “Notification Access”.
  3. As you click the Notification Access dialogue, the setting screen will open up. Check the Dashdow for WhatsApp and press the back button of the phone.
  4. Yay! The device is set up for your use.

Advantages of Using Dashdow

activate chat heads on whatsapp

Dashdow is an app that is the most convenient in providing the users with the chat heads on WhatsApp. It is smart, fast and requires way fewer permissions than the other apps in the market. Another app built for the same purpose, Seebye seems to be four to five times slow as far as the working of the app is concerned.

Moreover, there are lesser crashes and lag issues in the app as compared to any other app on the app store. The app has made the following features available to its users.

  • Circular Pop-ups

Yes! The circular pop-ups or the chat heads. These are the primary reasons why the app is there in the first place. Aren’t they very cool when they pop-up at your screen out of nowhere?

  • Tapping the Pop-up

The app will open the dialogue upon tapping the chat pop-up. The dialogue will contain the actual message that has been sent to you.

  • Tapping the Dialogue

Once the dialogue has been opened, there is no chance that you respond to it right there. Instead, you will have to tap the dialogue just to find the conversation opened up for you. There you can easily reply to that conversation.

  • Automation

Upon the reception of a message, the Dashdow automatically recognizes it and displays it like a chat head. The methodology of working is mostly similar to the original, the Facebook messenger.

  • Easy Management of Chat Threads

The management of chat threads is very easy with Dashdow. The chat heads are closed and managed in a similar way to that of the Facebook messenger. Due to this, closing and managing a chat head has never been any easier.

  • Ease of Access and Visibility

What good are the pop-ups to us if they don’t provide ease of access and ease of visibility. The app gains a special permission upon installation that it will require access to the lock screen. This means that the app will display the chat heads. This app will keep showing you the messages even when the phone is locked.

Disadvantages of Using Dashdow

This list is rather short. There are two main issues while using this app. They are:

  • Responding to a Message

The app does not respond directly to the messages. Instead, it directs you to the WhatsApp app in order to respond to a particular message. This issue with the app needs prompt addressing. This problem requires an instant solution.

  • Android Version Restriction

The Android version before 4.0 cannot run this app. This is not as serious of an issue as the previous one. I presume the outdated device wouldn’t be able to run this app anyways.

Final Verdict

I would like to quote at this point that it is one of the best apps on the android market. It allows the user to have WhatsApp messages in the shape of Chat Heads. Hence, it minimizes a lot of issues for keeping an eye for those messages as you continue to do your work. There are also disadvantages to this app, it does not allow you to reply directly to the messages. Instead, WhatsApp opens up. There are limitations to the android version but that is not much of an issue. Overall, this app is a must have as it saves the problems of switching between apps. The app is available on the Google Play Store for free. So, head out to the app store and download this app to enhance your experience. So, I will definitely say a yes as this app removes the issues on the end of the users.

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