How to Add, Manage and Delete Roles in Discord

Add, Manage and Delete Roles in Discord: In discord the levels of permissions known as the roles of the discord decides what a user is up to and what he can do within the discord. He could be the admin of the channel or the moderate user or the guest to the server. Creating a server is an easy thing but you would like to know how the roles play a vital role to you for building a good server. And this is why I am again back with this tutorial to make you aware of the roles in discord, how to add roles, manage roles and delete roles in discord.

Assignment of roles to the server could be the simplest task or the most complex one depending on how you perform. There are thirteen server permissions, nine text permissions and six voice permissions that you can add to roles available in recent times of the discord. You don’t need to configure manually to the permissions for the server, you can just create few roles and assign it to your server.

Add, Manage and Delete Roles in Discord

Add, Manage and Delete Roles in Discord

Adding roles to discord

Roles help you to organize your server as per your requirements that bring you to make sure that what the server is up to and which user can do what. After configuring you can use the channel to control all the users and across through each community you are dealing with. it will be helpful you spend sometime with your server and setup some basic roles to develop good servers.

To add roles to your discord server:

STEP 1: Open discord and log in and access your server.

STEP 2: Select the small dropdown arrow next to that server then click on Server Settings.

STEP 3: Select Roles in the right pane. You would be able to see a single role ‘@everyone’.

STEP 4: Select the ‘+’ icon at the top of the centre pane to add a role.

STEP 5: Name the role to something descriptive and assign a specific colour to help manage them.

STEP 6: Select the permission toggles at the bottom of the popup.

STEP 7: Select Save Changes after doing that.

STEP 8: Rinse and repeat for however many roles you require. Just remember to modify the permissions according to the level you want to assign.

Assigning of permission levels to the user of server by providing them roles as beginners to new users and further with more permission levels to the frequent visitors. This will create a hierarchy and will be able to get through it an organised way.

To assign a role to a user:

STEP 1: Select your server à Members from the left pane.

STEP 2: Select the small ‘+’ next to the username and select the role from the menu.

STEP 3: Repeat for every user on your server.

Managing Roles in Discord

Well, from the above processing and the results you make it clear that managing of roles is just same as to add them cause adding them depends on the usage or users and management is done accordingly to it. If you want to grow the community you add more roles , any user becomes the frequent one so to add more of permissions is necessary so that he can stay there the way he wanted. All these things are how the role of management plays in managing the permissions for the community, its server and customers linked with its server.

Now you have to recreate your friendship levels with the users by playing with permissions with them. Bringing the least permissions with just friends and more permissions to become great and then ultra and to keep playing till becoming the ultra-friend. This is how the hierarchy will work as whosoever gets the least has to face the least and growing when you with when it’s the right time.

Add, Manage and Delete Roles in Discord

Add, Manage and Delete Roles in Discord

Deleting Roles in Discord

Now its hurtful when you require to delete the role in the discord as it is left with zero assignment. No matter if you maintain to sail in clean boat then you can easily delete the roles that are not meant to be assigned.

To delete the role from discord server:

STEP 1: Select the small dropdown arrow next to that server then click on server settings

STEP 2: Select Roles in the right pane and chose the role you can’t assign anymore and want to delete.

STEP 3: Scroll down the role window until you see a trash can.

STEP 4: Select the trash can to delete the role. Confirmation of choice requirement will be there.

That’s all for the removal of the role from the server and that permission last no more.

This is how you have to deal with the purpose of even delivering the permission with the hierarchy level and will be grateful if all are assigned on a regular basis. Will be back with more discord discussions. Let us know your experience below.


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