Fight Body Odour this summer with these simple remedies!

It’s summer once again and with it comes excessive sweating that gives rise to body odour. No amount of deodorant will make it go away and soon you can see people shy away from coming near you. Do you suffer from this problem and are clueless what to do about it?

Here are some natural remedies that will keep you smelling fresh and reduce sweating as well.

Keep yourself hydrated: Drink a lot of water throughout the day. If you don’t have that habit, set an alarm in your mobile to remind yourself every one hour. Or stick post-its in your workspace. Keep drinking water.

Body Odour

Take bath at least twice a day: Come summer, your body temperature also rises. So take showers at least twice a day to cool yourself and prevent excess sweating.

Avoid spicy food: Avoid oily foods and foods with a lot of onions and garlic. These tend to seep out through the pores in your body and give out a bad odour.

Body Odour

Apply baking soda: Most of us keep baking soda in our refrigerator to keep off bad smells. That works for our body too. Rub a little baking soda on your armpit after your bath. It will remain dry for a long time.

Lemon and baking soda paste: Make a paste of these two and dab it under your arms before you take a shower. Or just rub a lemon after shower. Lemon lowers your skin’s pH and inhibits odour causing bacteria from thriving there.

Body Odour

Add essential oils to your bath: Oils like tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint etc. when added to the bath water leaves a nice fragrance on your body and leaves it smelling fresh.

Body Odour

Right clothes and shoes: Wear comfortable cotton clothes that are not too tight fitting. Let the sweat on your body evaporate on its own leaving it cool. Avoid nylon and other synthetic clothes that retain sweat.

Body Odour

The tips above are sure to keep your body fresh and keep away the body odour problem. Do comment on whether these tips helped you.

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