Why Charcoal Latte is Trending in Food Industry, Is it a Healthy Drink?

Black is always trending. Be it clothes, footwear, cars and now even food. Yes your read it right. A food or to be specific a beverage black in colour and do not worry I am not talking about the classic back tea or coffee. It is something else. A black latter – The Charcoal latte.

Amidst other refreshing and healthy drinks, the black charcoal latte is making its place in the social media. The main ingredient of the charcoal latte or the so-called Unicorn latte is made up of activated charcoal along with foamy mil and a bit of sugar if you wish to add.

Activated charcoal is proved to have benefits for our digestive system when consumed in the right quantity. The proponents of the hot new drink claim that it’s a perfect ‘digestive cleanser’ only because of the activated charcoal’s anti-inflammatory ability to treat gastrointestinal issues.

Recipe of Charcoal Latte

The recipe of this latte varies from place to place. In studio 3 Australia this latte is made of coconut milk, coconut syrup and activated charcoal. A farm girl in London uses date syrup and cashew milk with activate charcoal to turn it into a delicious beverage.

Charcoal Latte

Charcoal Lattes are a new Black Food

The concept of charcoal latte started in UK in this year and it is soon paving its way to US. It is also a doubt whether this latte has got real health benefits or is it going to harm you in some ways. People also say that charcoal lattes will fix a hangover or act as a detox.

To brief it on a short note your body does not a need a detox and if yes one does not necessarily go for an expensive drink to detox it. A nutritional therapist Jodie Branmdman wrote a piece of post suggesting the charcoal latte’s virtues. Also he stated that it can act as a magnet for toxins thus helping everything cognitive issues to increasing HDL cholesterol.

The team of metro news also spoke to Michelle McGuinness who is a renowned dietician and tried to figure out whether these charcoal lattes are worth the money. As with most of the trendy health foods the charcoal latte too cost you over your regular budget. As per Michelle charcoal lattes are one such unworthy detoxing trend going on. ‘Activated charcoal plays a significant role in the treatment of drug overdose and poisoning, by binding to the chemical and removing these from the gut, reducing absorption and removing the substance’

Do we really need an artificial process to detox our body? We are fortunate to have equipped with kidneys and liver that doing the task for us, then why are we indulging ourselves in such drinks which might be harmful to us in long run.

Bottom Line:

These charcoal drinks are pretty pointless and they could end up harm your body system especially when you are medication. It is also discovered that active charcoal can remove beneficial nutrients from your body. So, anyone taking any medicines should strictly avoid it.

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