How to Disable MacBook Trackpad when using a Mouse

When we look for the replacement we forgot the hard times we had with the one being replaced. Just like you are looking mac as the replacement for the desktop it even comes track pad instead of mouse. And initially it is the best feeling of the world but can you make that flow you had with mouse and what if I ask you to use while you are in car. Here also you have to bring the worth of the existence of mouse. So, you can bring a change to your mac OS by making it disable the trackpad while using mouse as an input device. Here’s how.

You are required to follow this process only once in the whole period of mac OS usage after this the mac will automatically detect the connection of mouse. So, in this article I will be going to provide you the guide for changing the settings of disabling track pad, as I a, using the track pad and I believe there may be few people love to work with it if using less than for that I will show you how to reverse it also.

Disable MacBook Trackpad

Disable MacBook Trackpad

Disabling MacBook trackpad when using a mouse

Until it is the time, no one realises the importance of using comfort provided by the mouse, you have to just spent few hours with your mac will get irritated to use it. As the mouse can provide you with the comfort of working properly and can control the chores of computer for a long time.

To disable trackpad when using mouse in its replacement, following steps are to be followed.

STEP 1: Select the Apple logo in the top left and then System Preferences.

STEP 2: Select Accessibility and then Mouse & Trackpad.

STEP 3: Check the box next to ‘Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is connected to the mac’.

So, after this settings change , whenever you attach any mouse let it be the wireless or wired, Mac OS X will automatically detects the mouse and disables the track pad. This service is not usual and that I also don’t know why, but here is the solution.

Reverse the MacBook trackpad

As the change occurs everyone wants to adapt the change. So is done with many people, only the problem is that people can’t work that much fluently with the trackpad, as in my case, I use both mac and windows and that natural scrolling gets hit into my tiny brain. So, there could be many people like me who look for the reverse way of enabling trackpad being used other than mouse.

Good for you, you can reverse the settings, here’s how:

STEP 1: Select the Apple logo in the top left corner of the desktop and then System Preferences.

STEP 2: Select Trackpad and then Scroll & Zoom.

STEP 3: Uncheck the box next to ‘Scroll direction to natural’ at the top of the window.

Now you can have your trackpad back to your mac can use it as you want to, trackpad was introduced for your convenience so make yourself up to it.

Troubleshooting the mac trackpad

 Being the introduction of new technology, it may create some problems too in the usage. It can offer a sudden stop in working or can have problems while scrolling in any direction. So here are some basic solutions that can be done at that particular time to bring back the trackpad to use.

Reboot your mac

A basic and most common solution to every single problem occurring in the device is to reboot the system by restarting the mac. Rebooting the mac will bring all the settings again to their initial chores and have the mere possibility of work again properly.

A case of non-working of trackpad could be of injected mouse, so eject it and then again reboot the system as many of such problems can easily solved by this simple step.

Check for system updates

When the system is ready for updates and you are successfully ignoring that message than its time to check for the system update requirement and update your system to make the trackpad and other functionalities to perform properly. Sometimes system update requirement creates a breakage to the functioning of simple units of the mac and force you to update the system.

Check the trackpad settings

 It could be possible that you have forgot after changing the whole settings of using the mouse instead of trackpad and ignored the changes to be done for reversing it back to trackpad. Or may be the possibilities are that there is still the Bluetooth mouse connection connected to the laptop. So, check that wisely and follow the above steps to reverse the settings of the trackpad.

Hopefully this article was of the general information but its my part to solve the queries of my people, thanks for reading this one too, will look forward for more queries. 

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