Download Facebook videos on your iPhone

Now a days use of Internet is mostly doe for watching videos online , let it be an inspirational video or for the devotional purpose, it can any advertisement or could be a song performance, usage of iPhone is brought on with high quality video playing feature. Most usage of iPhone is for internet purpose and mostly is spent on the watching videos. Watching video and name comes to mind that the action could be performed by the youtube application. But nowadays , named as the solo player of the social media world, Facebook is growing with the screen of watching videos at more rate than Youtube. Yes, you are thinking it correct that facebook is no longer only medium of sharing any relevant information it has come up with many more things. With the successful boom of digital marketing in the world facebook is the main reason for the same. Now you can watch thousands and thousands of the videos over the process of time.

Download Facebook videos on your iPhone

Download Facebook videos on your iPhone

All these actions performed in viewing a video on facebook requires an internet connection, quite logical. Hence the longer you go with watching online video may take all of your data as the charge. And m sure that you will ran out of data much sooner.

What if I bring you the solution of watching the videos again with avoidance of data usage. And I know you will be happy for that, just to make you happier it could be done byb a single app or many of its relation. Yes, there are plenty of apps available that can provide you with the access of downloading and saving the videos to your device just there are few things to keep in mind.

  1. You should have a working internet connection or a wi-fi connection.
  2. You phone should have enough space for the videos to get downloaded.
  3. Your iPhone should be accessible to all kind of apps.

Once you have taken care of the phone by bringing it to safe mode , now its time to look at the application MyMedia, this is the free app available on the app store, as said earlier there are many apps available for the same purpose that could be costlier for you. Some are Mymedia, video downloader plus, AnyTrans. These apps will be having their own process to launch and step by step methods to bring up the service. They include there process to download vide directly from the facebook to your device. For example: – using MyMedia , you only have to click on the videos link, copy it from there and paste to folder, and that video will be downloaded to your device.

How to copy the link of Facebook video and use it for downloading

STEP 1: open the facebook app on your device.

STEP 2: open the video of your choice which you want to be saved in the device.

STEP 3: click on the share button at the bottom right of the screen and press copy link. The link for the video will get copied to the clipboard of iPhone.

STEP 4: Now go to the appstore and download and install the browsing app called Browser and File Manager for Documents.

STEP 5: open the app and the web source to it, then enter the website link i.e. this website will direct you to a page which will allow you to download and save the videos.

STEP 6: at the opening page of the website there is a bar waiting for the link to be pasted and further processing of downloading the video from the facebook is completed.

STEP 7: after pasting the link click on the download option and be patient in bringing the file from the facebook to your device as the size of the file is large.

STEP 8: after the video is downloaded, help it to take it to the camera roll by saving the video from there only.

Processing is the key for the application to work and innovation is the key to stand in market. It is the market that brings the ups and downs to everyone, to which every old business remains old and the market gets acquired by the new ones. So to bring it in your consideration that the app you are using can be replaced and you have to lose your app data might be if not backed up. But its my wish as the apple is rising in the field of mobile industry and playing as the sole player eventually comes with the feature of downloading online videos directly to your device.

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