Dress made from cow manure: would you wear it?

Fashion is one of the most interesting fields or works out there ever since mankind evolved into a society where image mattered. Also, Fashion doesn’t differentiate between the rich or poor as every class of people has their own signature fashion styles. Fashion differs from country to country and even from race to race. In competitive fashion technology, designers always work to come up with fabrics from various sources. This will reduce the impact that fossil fuel emission have on the Earth. The newest material to be made into a fabric literally prevents the release of greenhouse gasses into the earth’s atmosphere by using cow manure as a base material. Yes, you heard it right; dress from cow manure dresses is the latest fad!

Manure Couture or dress from cow manure in lay terms, designed by Dutch fashion designer cum entrepreneur Jalila Essaidi is the newest entrant in the fast fashion segment of today’s fashion world. Jalila’s invention soon caught the attention of the big shots in the industry. And just last month she won an award, the Global Change Award which came complete with a $160,000 grant which Jalila has stated will be used to convince fashion experts everywhere that cow manure is the next best material to be making dresses out of! This award was given to Jalila and four other innovative designers by H&M. One of the other winners had a patented technology to turn wine into fake leather which was quite innovative.

Dress from cow manure

How to made dress from Cow Manure

The process of converting the manure into a wearable fabric is quite an interesting process. It involves separating the cellulose found in the manure and converting it into a rather soft fabric. This fabric called Mestic and is also the name of the product line by Jalila. The process begins by separating the wet and dry components of the manure. The dry manure is processed to obtain the cellulose and the wet manure is processed to obtain the acids it has. This acid is then mixed along with the cellulose to form cellulose acetate which is a type of plastic which is then further processed to form the Mestic Fabric.

Dress from cow manure mestic fabric

It may not seem as much of a contribution towards caring about the earth but when you realize that cow manure is one of the major sources of methane which is released into the atmosphere it makes a difference. Methane is a greenhouse gas which traps heat inside the atmosphere and it is also why manure smells bad. And before you ask, no, the mestic fabric does not smell bad!

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