Facebook shuts down AI days after Elon Musk makes a case against it

Mere days after Elon Musk’s tweet about how he feels that Mark Zuckerberg does not understand AI fully, it was reported that Facebook shuts down AI. Facebook had to resort to shutting down an AI after it developed its own language. The AI bots went against their provided code and developed a language of their own from scratch. The bots were instructed to communicate only in English which they ignored. This new language which the bots developed is entirely new and had no human input.

Facebook shuts down AI

It is very important to be proactive and not reactive with artificial intelligence like Elon Musk says. This is because humans are limited by slow biological evolution while AI is so much faster in terms of learning things. This will make it very hard to control AI if it decides to break free from humans. Tesla’s Elon Musk, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Wozniak have all expressed worries over the unbridled use of artificial intelligence. Hopefully, after this bizarre but predictable incident, there will be new laws governing the use of artificial intelligence.

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