How to factory reset the iPhone 8 ( Step by Step Guide)

Reset Iphone 8: Change is the new motivation for all the courses of actions to be taken, to which apple has brought innovation and change hand in hand to built new features for there recently launched iPhone 8. Earlier it wasn’t so complicated using iPhone but now it has become a hub of complexities. Nothing to worry, we also go with the change and changing your complexity level is what we need to do. The have changed the way of resetting the iPhone, we don’t want that so we have to change the way of resetting our phones. And I will bring it you how to soft reset your phone.

Earlier the sleep button in the iPhone was used as the button for soft resetting the iPhone but not now, now it has become the side button to which we press and the emergency SOS feature comes up. So, for your ease if I use wordings of holding side button that means the sleep button. And without any add-ons to this let’s start.

factory reset the iPhone 8

factory reset the iPhone 8

Resetting iPhone 8

It will be a hard thing to believe that you would be requiring factory reset in the iPhone 8, as the iOS it has come up with is much more stable and capable of holding more performance as per the usage. Although it’s a device which can face any sort of problem anytime, any pops, user error and also the general use can still confuse it, leading to the reset requirement.

Factory reset iPhone 8

If it has stopped working and you are left with no other option then get your lightening data cable and your computer to bring your iPhone 8 back to life. It will delete all your files and data, could be a serious loss if not backed up. Factory reset will fix most of the software issues but will erase all the data that could be beneficial for the user. It is the easiest way to perform it with iTunes but only for those who have their regular interaction with iTunes, as it will help you to save your data first then resetting phone later.

STEP 1: Plug your phone with computer and make sure it is connected to iTunes.

STEP 2: Save your files and all the settings in the iTunes.

STEP 3: Select your iPhone 8 in iTunes and look for summary from the left menu.

STEP 4: Select restore iPhone in the right pane.

STEP 5: Select restore in the popup window to confirm your choice.

Once done, your iPhone will take you to the initial setup screen when you bought it first. Setup the basics and get all the flaws of your iPhone corrected. You can then bring your saved files and data back from iTunes to your phone.

In a case you don’t want to use iTunes, you can factory reset your iPhone 8 from within the settings of the phone itself: –

STEP 1: Go to Setting à General

STEP 2: Click on reset and Erase all content and settings

STEP 3: Enter your passcode or Apple ID to confirm.

STEP 4: Wait till the phone completes the process and take you to the initial restarting screen.

I will suggest the use of the process told through iTunes as it will bring you ease and your saved data back to you. And no matter it’s your choice of doing it as it is the consideration of your phone and you to follow the way which fit to you.

Soft reset  iPhone 8

Soft word used for this reset clearly determines the notation of the process. If it is the case of slowing down of your phone or the applications are not performing as per the requirement, then I think your phone needs your soft care by following these steps to soft reset: –

STEP 1: Press and hold the side button of your iPhone 8.

STEP 2: Swipe right on the slider that says power off.

STEP 3: Leave the phone for a minute and then again press and hold the side button to turn it on.

Following these steps would surely make the performance of your iPhone 8 smooth and will be helpful in restoring all the practices to be performed for the better functioning.


By the launch of iPhone 8 and later models, apple is surely up to for the bringing change in software technologies and offering the users the features that can bring change to there lifestyles and proper assistance is also offered by them, but a user must know what its phone is capable of and what it can do more with upcoming times and days.

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