How to factory reset the iPhone X ( Step By Step Guide 2018)

Factory Reset iPhone X: iPhone X in itself is a matter of status symbol to be provided, you are fortunate enough to own an iPhone X which has entered the mobile industry with an enhancing price range. Though its price range is that much high that can bring shock to any person who wouldn’t have expected it to be this much, there are many satisfied users using it freely, not that much as it also comes up with the delicacy. Apple has offered many features new and that to innovative. The screen in itself is a part that gives it a dashing look and worth showing off.

How to factory reset the iPhone X

How to factory reset the iPhone X

No offence, iPhone X may be lagging behind the Samsung Galaxy S8 in consideration of durability but in itself, in the ‘ i ’ world of the apple he is the king of good times. Its 5.8-inch super AMOLED screen is crystal clear, bright and can fix in any light. Face recognition seems to be launched as a part to the introduction of new market technology in the industry. In an overall case , without justifying the high range of this smart phone, we can consider it as the solid phone to be owned.

Again without any further add-ons to it , will bring you the short tutorial of factory resetting the iPhone X.

Factory reset of iPhone X

Being the king of its field, iPhone X is not that delicate but if used more aggressively can bring you to factory reset need. Just like from every case, iPhone X if passes through Factory Reset, also known as hard reset, will erase all your data from the phone inclusive of messages, photos, contacts etc. if backed up to iTunes can help you to restore the data again when started from initial stage after hard reset.

There are 3 easy ways which I would consider and like to share with you , one is with settings menu , other is by the help of side keys and last is through iTunes connect.

Factory reset of iPhone X using The Settings Menu

It is the easiest way of factory resetting in my list, settings menu is used more widely as it is known to the maximum of users. Following steps complete the process of hard reset through settings menu.

STEP 1: take the back up of your data on the phone.

STEP 2: Go to Settings à General à Reset

STEP 3: select erase all content and settings

STEP 4: confirm your choice further being asked.

When I did it with my phone , I needed to authenticate it with the phone again to follow the factory reset process, you may not be facing that issue as re-processing takes place very few. When it is done, the confirmation comes in the from of information popup and then iPhone brings you to the initial stage of restarting.

Factory reset of iPhone X using The Buttons

This process is followed by the complete method of recovering the iPhone. I am not experienced to this method but can provide you the assurance that it will be helpful.

STEP 1: take the back up of your data on the phone.

STEP 2: plug in your iPhone to the computer through lightening cable and make sure that it is connected to iTunes.

STEP 3: Turn the power of phone off.

STEP 4: Press the powewr button fro about 3 seconds and let it start.

STEP 5: immediately press and hold the volume down button along with the power button for further 10 seconds.

STEP 6: now release the power button and kjeep holding on to volume down button.

STEP 7: wait till the iTunes notify you that the phone is now on the recovery mode.

STEP 8: release the volume down button.

STEP 9: now look for the factory reset option on the screen appeared on the computer screen while the phone is on recovery mode.

Factory reset of iPhone X using iTunes

When you think of resetting your iPhone, you b always be aware of backing up it with iTunes, as it will apparently offer iTunes the sense of resetting the connected phones.

STEP 1: take the back up of your data on the phone.

STEP 2: plug in your iPhone to the computer through lightening cable and make sure that it is connected to iTunes.

STEP 3: once iTunes detects your phone as connected to it, you have to select iPhone from the menu bar appeared.

STEP 4: look for the summary tab after completing the process of connecting to iTunes.

STEP 5: Click on the restore iPhone option.

This processing may take some time as hard resetting iPhone X is not an easy task as delicacy also matters with the phone. By the time you confirm your choices for finishing up the reset, the iTunes will wipe out all the data and restore all the settings taking you to the default settings bringing again the experience of starting a new iPhone X.

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