Fascinating facts about the Great Pyramids

The great Pyramids of Giza are undoubtedly the most mystic structure on Earth. It has marveled scientists, archaeologists, astronomers, and tourists every time they see it. With every expedition, scientist found something new and amazing about this great structure. Technological advancements also fail in front of these pyramids and cannot find out the mystic reality behind it completely.

The ancient pyramids are the greatest relics and so far a true masterpiece. It is made with such minute intricacies that even today technology cannot replicate it. The analysis made by historians say that these were built between 2589 and 2504BC. The ancient pyramids are the greatest civilization of the world and they are still standing with their head high with pride. They are truly a wonder on Earth. According to a lot of analysis done by historians, scientists and astronomers a few fascinating facts about these structures have come up.

Fascinating facts about Pyramids :

  1. How these pyramids were constructed is still a matter of debate. Historians agree that immense labour was involved in building these pyramids. A labour force of approximately 2 lakhs is estimated.
  2. The oldest and the largest is the Khufu’s Pyramid also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The height is 481 feet and archaeologists say that this pyramid remains the tallest structure on earth for 4500 years.
  3. The pyramids are guarded by Sphinx, monolith, which is deemed to be a replica of Pharaoh. It is 73.5 metre long and the monument was built during the reign of Khafra.
    Great Sphinx of Giza

    Great Sphinx of Giza

  4. The ancient Egyptians kept the king’s belongings like daily usage items and noble item like gold and silver along with the mummy as they believed the person would use it after death
  5. Talking about the internal infrastructure of the pyramids; Hollywood would have made you believe a lot of things about pyramids but that is not the actual case. There are a lot of inaccessible doors, traps which were opened for workers at that time and now they are untouched by the scientists.
  6. Researchers have believed that Egyptians used wet sand which reduced friction to move larger blocks and rocks. For years scientists were marvelling at the fact that how Egyptians could move such larger rocks for the construction and them an image was found which proved how it was done.

    Egypt Chronology

  7. False Doors inside the pyramids: There have been found so many false doors inside the pyramids which the Egyptians believed would connect the world of living and dead. The majority of these doors face the west of the pyramids as the Egyptians believed that death is associated towards west.
    The Global Egyptian Museum

    The Global Egyptian Museum

  8. Corresponding to the point above the Egyptians made all pyramids on the bank of river Nile. This was the sign of setting the sun and it was associated with the realm of death.
    Nile river

    Nile river

  9. The Great Pyramids of Giza is estimated to be made up of 2,300,000 blocks of stone. Each of them weighs between 2 – 30 tons; a few of them weigh 50 tons as well. Furthermore, the temperature inside the pyramids remains relatively at 20° Celsius.

The pyramids of Egypt are deemed to be the only pyramids on earth but in a few articles, you would find that there is one such pyramid in Mexico as well. The fact remains that The Great Pyramid of Giza is undoubtedly a Marvellous creation and stands as a wonder of the world.

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