How to get a refund from the apple app store or iTunes

Get Refund from Apple Store or iTunes: For some things, which we are sold by the wrong statements, hurts the most sometimes. They say that this app will definitely work to your device, but some apps are meant to be used with some specifications. I recently faced such situation when I downloaded two games, I paid for them, and they didn’t even work with my device as its specification requirement was higher than available.

Sometimes when we got hurt with this, we look for something that can fill the pain, and we obviously we look for the solution and we go with the option of Refund. But in case of apple services you avail let it be iPhone , iPad, mac book or anything, apple keeps the refund policy clear and simple. Your location may bring the variation to the refund policy. The exact same refund policy may differ from EU to US and different Asian market have different rights to forward the refund.

get a refund from the apple app store or iTunes

get a refund from the apple app store or iTunes

In the general case no, recent refund can be placed within the 14 days of the purchase. And after that it is considered on the basis when it is genuine, the reason is considerable and manual check is done for the further processing. Apple considers the refund of any product bought within 90 days of purchase, it also depends on the item, location and the mode of payment and most important is the reason for the refund , which may not be accepted. They are clear onto their policy as they do a manual check to refund requests and asks the user to be prepared for the further correspondence from apple side.

When it’s the matter of money , you should be patient for the things. Here is the list of processes that can lead you to the successful refunding of your amount.

Get a refund using iPhone or iPad

As the work can be performed by any device but the use with the mobile such as iPhones and iPads can make work easier for us, with a working 4G or Wi-Fi connection can be the need as it will direct you to apple website.

STEP 1: Go to the mail app on the phone and select the apple invoice for the item

STEP 2: look for report a problem within the invoice and click on it, it will direct you towards the apple website.

STEP 3: use apple id to log in and using the verification code sent to your mail.

STEP 4: look for the suitable reason for your refund and click done.

STEP 5: click on submit t send the refund request.

Get a refund from iTunes

As the iTunes is power of the iPhone, it is the best suitable place for the issue with the apple purchases. Inclusive of all your purchase information , the items , the apps , iTunes keeps you logged in if connected already.

STEP 1: open iTunes and make yourself connected to it.

STEP 2: select accounts à purchase history à see all.

STEP 3: look for the item for which you want refund and select the arrow on the right-hand side.

STEP 4: select report a problem on the bottom of the screen.

STEP 5: then you will be directed to the website where you have to sign in again.

STEP 6: by providing the reason of the refund give some information along with it.

STEP 7: hit on the submit button if done.

Get a refund from iTunes using the website

For some people who don’t want to use iTunes for the reason of its complexity, they can use browser for the same.

STEP 1: open browser and take yourself to the apple problem reports page.

STEP 2: log in with your apple id and look for your purchases information.

STEP 3: select report a problem for the particular purchase you want refund for.

STEP 4: give the reason for the refund request and add all the information required.

STEP 5: click on the submit when done.

All based on the time of purchases made, refund can be processed instantly, may take a while or many other days to be manually intervened. Apples policy is clear about the informing the ways it is dealing to bring the refund to a result. The refund policy of apple is reasonable. Buying an app from the store is just like the transaction made in real from the store. Hence it is up to you so that you can have wise choice with your coice.

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