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One of the best application that allows you to download tons of special free apps and games directly in the APK (Android Package Kit) format. With, it also gives you access too many of the paid apps for free. It allows you to download applications or games for your Android smartphones, mobiles or tablet from the browser without need to download the market, which means you can do that using the GetAPK official website you do not need to download any third party application. Moreover, you can also run this website and get APK apps directly on your computer pcs or laptops, and then you can transfer it to your Android devices. After that, you download GetAPK Market and try downloading any app or game; you will notice that it is on APK format. It is also easy to find freshly updated applications on the market, as it gets updates all the time uploaded by APK

The app was developed very simple so that everyone could use it easily. With the GetAPK Market Application, the developers developed a market helper, which can be downloaded separately for tutorials and other information regarding this application.

GetApk Market Download

GetApk Market Download

Due to an Open Source platform, Android has countless number of users and developers as well around the world. With this, Android’s Play Store carries millions of apps and games for different types of people as per their interest. The most popular Google Play Store allows you to get your favorite games and applications easily for your convince devices. With the play store there are several number of platforms provides you similar content, games and applications and one of the very popular yet trending is GetApk Market.

GetApk market has many amazing features as if it can download paid apps free as told earlier and it works with old android phones too. GetApk market is a very good alternative of google play store. It is a small sized app store, with size around 2 Mb with all applications available free. The app requires no rooting facility in devices and can be run on low specification devices easily. Any device with as low as 512MB RAM, any Android version above Android Gingerbread and 20MB of internal storage space can run the Get APK Market application. GetAPK Market is the latest version of the Get APK Market application. This update of the app has the best features listed below: 

GetAPK Market Features for Android

  • Simple to explore app market for android with an easy to browse user interface.
  • User can search for the APK files using search console.
  • Millions of applications and games within one single app.
  • List of categories to choose from. Just choose your category and select the APK file you want to download
  • Get all latest updates and upgrades of new games and applications.
  • Paid applications on Google Play Store are available for free on Get APK Market.
  • Get APK Market is an easy to locate the required applications with inbuilt search feature and filtered genres.
  • GetApk Market is customizable.
  • Last but on the best feature is, you can Instantly share your download APK files with your friends with Bluetooth or any other applications to install it without the Internet connection

All these are the useful features available in this application so called GetAPK Market.

  • GetAPK Free Download via Google Play Store

There use to be time when we have GetApk Market Application on the Google Play store but Unfortunately, GetAPK market application has been removed from the Google Play Store recently due to not follow the store guidelines, Google had to banish it off their store. Therefore, users wishing to download GetAPK market from the Google Play Store either must wait until the company comes with a workaround to upload or must switch to third party downloading mediums but you can download Get APK download via GetAPK Market APK.

  • Get APK download via GetAPK Market APK

To download GetAPK market application on your android device, downloading via third party websites is the go to process. For this process, one must follow the following steps:

  • #1. First, make sure to download a proper APK file of the required app market, GetApk Market. (The app has been upgraded with the latest version. If you have been using an older version, you can replace it will the latest newer version.)
  • #2. Follow above download button and get the APK file of GetApk Market app from there. (The above Download button will give you the latest APK file.)
  • #3. Once you select the above Download button, you will be presented a Download page of this application. From here, you need to click the Download button and you will get it from there.
  • #4. Now, copy or transfer this file to your Android by using a proper USB data cable. You can even connect your phone by using a Bluetooth connection as well.
  • #5. Now, go to your apps menu and tap on the file manager’s icon.


  • #6. Here, you would see different options from which you need click the Search option. From here, you can search for the APK file of GetApk Market.
  • #7. Tap on to the APK file of this application from here. You would be asked whether you want to install it or not. Click on to the Install button from here.
  • #8. Installation process of this application will itself take place. You could see it like the below image.
  • #9. It will take a few seconds to complete the process. Soon, you would see a Successful message on your display about this app once it is installed on it.
  • #10. In order to launch this app, just select the Open button from this page. The app will itself get launched on your Android device.

This is how you can install the latest and upgraded version of GetAPK Market application for your Android smartphone. The process is simple and anyone can easily start using this application on his or her respective Android smartphone or tablet device. If you want to explore this app to download your favorite apps or game as their respective APK file, just go to the Applications Menu on your Android device. You would see an icon of this application there. Tap on to the icon and the app will be launched on your Android device.

Once you launch the application on your Android device, you would see a number of options of different apps and games on the homepage. From here, you can choose the app or any games that you would like to download as its APK file. Once you select the app or game, just select the Get button. Downloading process of the selected app or game will take place itself in the background and you could see its progress in the notification panel of your device.

After a few seconds, the selected app or game will be downloaded to your Android device. You either can install this downloaded APK file to your device manually or can share this with your friends so that they can install it without the need of any Internet connection.

How to use GetAPK Market?

Using this mobile market for Android is easy. Once installed, the app opens with a layout similar to that of the Google Play Store. The GetAPK market contains a search bar to browse just like the Play Store. The apps on the GetAPK are divided in a similar manner as well. To install the apps from the market, the user simply has to locate the app of their choice, click on it and look for the download button. Once the download button is located, the users have to download the .APK file of the app selected from the market and then install it on their Android device.

GetAPK Market Helper APK

The market helper APK is a separate application developed specially by the company for GetAPK market. This app is developed solely for users facing problems while using the GetAPK market app for Android. Although the chances are quite low, this app fixes all the errors that can be found with the GetAPK market. The helper app also provides tutorials on downloading methods within the app, how to browse for applications on the app and what different icons mean. The app also has an FAQ section for the frequent queries submitted by the usual customers of the Get APK app.

What’ New Here in GetAPK Market 

If you are an Android user, then you must be very well versed with Google Play Store, which is an Android Market of Google. Google Play is the official app store for Android smartphones and tablets from where you can download or purchase software applications, music, games, movies and books. While there are numerous applications available in the Google Play Store, not all of them are free. Apparently, 60% Android apps available on Google Play Store is 100% free for download; however, the remaining 40% Android apps on the Google Play Store are paid.

Even though there are some apps that offer Free and Paid versions both, for instance, you can try the free version of an app first and if you like it then you can go ahead and buy a paid version of that app with additional features. However, what do you do in a situation where you want to download a paid app (without free version) but would want to try it free first? In this article, we are going to provide the best alternatives for Google Play Store to Get Paid Apps free. The links provided in the article to download Android apps will direct it to a third party for installation. All you need to do is allow App Installing Permissions from unknown sources in your device settings. Go to Settings > Security and you should be able to locate the option somewhere inside it. Once you do, go ahead and checkmark it.

 One of GetApk user says-

 Being an Android user, I am regularly looking for any latest app in the market. I have compared GetApk Market with many other application stores available in the market but what I feel is- Get Apk Market has lot more features than which Apk stores. I was using this app when getapk market 1.6.7 download link was released and after that, I installed many getapk market alternative apps but what I feel is, this application store provides faster and safer updates regularly.

 GetApk Market brought the big change in its (UI) user interface and it became smoother and faster than older versions like GetApk market 1.6.93 and getapk market 1.3. I must be thankful to developers who really working hard in the backend to provide far better experience to users.

Hope you have everything clear and now you can easily install GetApk Market on your Android as well as Windows PC. However, still, we recommend you to comment your query and suggestion in the comment box below.


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