Hidden iPhone features and iPhone Hacks you probably don’t know

The Secret iPhone features and iPhone Hacks 

iPhone has left the smartphone world spellbound for the past one decade with its spectacular designs and mind-blowing features. But there are the lots of things you are unaware of the iPhone features and shortcuts which are hidden beneath the surface. The Smartphone lovers can explore lots of awesome things about iPhones and iPads.

There are following iPhone shortcuts and gestures that the customers might not be aware of:-

1. A single button press can quickly charge your iPhone

Hidden iPhone features

Are you exhausted waiting for your phone to recharge? Then you can use flight mode option by disconnecting the Wi-Fi searching and data-draining communication skills. It reduces the strain of the battery of the phone so that it can power up in a much faster way. The extra 4% add up in 30 minutes during the recharging process could make a bit different and can make the entire process more swiftly.

2. Shifting the event in the Calendar of the iPhone

Hidden iPhone features

iPhone has given the users an advantage to shift the events in the calendar quickly like the applications on the iPhone’s home screen. The users can make changes while holding the event tap in the day mode. They will find two dots appearing in the application boxes. While they can drag the edges of those application boxes up, shifting them to other places to make changes in the event duration. For shifting the event, the customers can tap and drag the entire event application box.

3. Cut off the time off your searches

The users can save their time by finding out the footy scores or proving a point. Searching the exact location where the users want to visit on the internet is related to speed and precision. The users can shave off their valuable time by simply holding down the full stop icon, typing out an address to bring up a short-cut series of web addresses.

4. Quick access to the last called number

The users will be astonished to know that there are lots of extra gestures they are unaware of. If the customers want to redial the last called number, they can simply press the green button in the Phone app. If they are in the App store, the customers can press 10 times on any of the menu buttons at the bottom for reorganizing the cache. The customers don’t need the screen for certain gestures if they want to hold down the power button to turn off the phone when the power off option appears on the screen they can hold the menu button. The phone will reorganize itself and flush out the RAM.

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5. Secret Camera Tricks

iPhone has garnered popularity for its awesome camera features for capturing wonderful photos. When the customers are recording the video, they can press the other little round button that displays in the corner of the screen to take still photography simultaneously. During clicking the pictures, if the users hold down the photo button then the camera will switch to burst mode and click multiple pictures.

6. Speedy access to spotlight search

The customers feel that spotlight search has vanished from the iPhone 7, but the customers have the wrong concept. The users can easily and quickly get access to the spotlight search from the home screen. For revealing the spotlight, the customers can touch anywhere on the home screen and the screen will drop down.

Hidden iPhone features

7. Replacing an essential toolbox from the iPhone

If the customers don’t want to swipe left in the compass app which generally brings up a highly essential spirit level, a digital bubble gauge that can help to check the shelf that is really important.

8. Lock your camera’s focal point

While taking the photographs, the customers are highly aware of the fact that tapping the screen will set the camera’s point of focus. After picking the focal point, the user will move the camera but it will disappear and it has become a major issue for the users. In order to resolve the problem, the customers have to tap the screen, press it for few seconds until an ‘AF Locked’ box pops up. The customers can turn, twist and swing the thing around without losing focus of the camera.

9. Closing three apps at a time

If the customers need to shut the multiple applications quickly, the customers can drag the three fingers up on the multitasking menu to cull the clutter quickly that symbolizes the phone should be snappier in quicker time.

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10. Generating Custom Vibrations

Now your wish is fulfilled, you can put variations in the contacts. The customers can select their person of choice and select the edit button, you will find different vibration option. Apple is providing plenty of options including creating a new vibration tool. There is an option of bespoke buzz which is as simple as tapping.

11. Comprising more emoji

When the customers are willing to use more emojis into their texts within nanoseconds, there are ways to execute the idea. The customers can go to the general option in the settings icon, where they can add emoji keyboard. In Emoji keyboard, they can add multiple emoji in their texts. The customers can use the same settings to access keyboards in different languages.

12. Put your music on timer

The customers can enjoy listening to soothing background music, they are quite familiar with waking up at 3 am in the early morning to the music tunes. They have to set the music to turn off on the timer. Apple has provided the option of setting the music to turn off on the timer. When the time ends, the customers can switch out the alarm option.

Hidden iPhone features

13. Click a photo without touching the phone

Apple is providing the customers with some unique hidden features. If the customers prefer to be removed from the photo-capturing shutter controls, they can hit the volume button on a pair of compatible. The connected headphones will also have the same effect.

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