How to hide comments on Instagram Live

Instagram is from one of the most powerful social platform which initially started with just few features where you will be able to share your pictures or videos with others. But with the change in time and emergence of latest technological updates instagram came out with more amazing features like; story sharing feature, boomerang, face filters and many more. Recently it has introduced a live story option. Live story is like you can come live from wherever you are and your friends and followers can also see that by joining the live story. They can comment and you can also see those comments.

How to hide comments on Instagram Live

How to hide comments on Instagram Live

But as usual we know everything has something good about it and something bad too. This feature has it too as sometimes some annoying people to bad or abusive comments. For that you can hide or block those comments. And today our post’s topic is about how to hide comments on instagram live?

For knowing more in detailed manner you will have to read the given below article thoroughly. We are covering the all the recent ways by which you can hide live video comments along with watching the video.

So what are you waiting for now? Just go and scroll down your screen. Have a look below!

Hiding Comments on Mobile

Earlier hiding those abusive or unbearable comments were quiet easy and simple but due to so many recent updates of instagram. It has become a bit tricky. Now it is not that easy the way it used to be previously.

Before these latest updates of insta what you have to do was to just tap on the video for once and all the comments and icons used to hide. And with just one tap you get them back. So, this was that fast and easy. And now doing like this will make your video to move forward or rewind back with a time span of 15 seconds.

Now the question arises that if tapping is not the solution then how will you hide those comments while watching the live video? As of now there is no such option for this but yes! Soon instagram is going to make some feature in order to deal with the mentioned problem.

But the good thing is that you can block comment and see the live videos through your desktop. Yes! You heard it right. For knowing further scroll down your page!

Hiding Comments on Desktop

You can hide the comment on instagram live video via desktop by using the Chrome IG Story extension. Not only had this let me make you familiar with one more amazing feature of this extension. This extension helps you to download a video from instagram of any other people to your desktop or laptop. It also makes it easier for you to watch those videos without any kind of the commenting noise.

Well now it is the time to know the main and the most important thing. We are providing you with a full fledge guide or we can say step by step guide which will help you to use this chrome IG story extension that will ultimately help in hiding the comments. You will have to follow the each and every step carefully. So just go and check it!

First Install IG Story Extension

Given are the steps for them:

  1. First thing you need to do is to open Google Chrome.
  2. After that you will have to search the Chrome IG Story
  3. Now you have to click Add to Chrome.
  4. Next step you need to do is to click Add Extension.

This will start installing the extension. Please keep in mind that this process will take some time. Once it gets installed a dialog box will appear saying “it is ready to use”. Only after that you will be able to use the extension. You can access at any time you want to by just looking to the upper right hand corner of your browser window.

At last you are now able to download any video you want to watch and can enjoy watching it without the disturbance that is comment free. Just last few more steps are required to be followed and that are:

First of all go to and then follow the steps given below.

  1. Just click on the extension icon to open it.
  2. Now open the live video you want to watch or view. That video could be of anyone. For example you can open a live video of your friend.
  3. Now you will see a download icon on the right, just click that.
  4. After that you will have to open the zip file that has been downloaded.
  5. Now to watch the video just double-click on the file.

So this was all about how to hide comment on instagram live videos. Just keep in mind that you can download a live video only after it gets ended. For any kind of feedback please feel free to connect with us, you can also leave a comment below.

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