How to ace your job interview

Over the course of your life, you will attend several job interviews. Unless you’re an entrepreneur, you need to brush up some skills which will help you get through interviews. The main reason as to why you need to prepare yourself for interviews is that you are selling yourself and your skills and marketing is very important. Just like sales representatives show the product they sell in the best light and are able to answer questions about it, you should be able to present yourself in the same manner. In a job interview, your communication skills will be tested a lot. The interviewer will be looking for you to be precise, confident and stay to the point. Cracking a joke or two might help at a job interview but make sure you don’t take it too far.

One thing you can do is read the interviewer before the interview. If he seems like s fun guy, you can share personal stuff that they will appreciate. If the interviewer looks all serious and wants to get as many interviews done as possible keep a straight face.

Tips to pass job interview

  • Preparation

If you think you can just stroll in to any interview without prior practice, you are sorely mistaken. You will need to prepare for all interviews however small they may be. Practice your responses to common interview questions and have a list of skills you can tell them if necessary. In some cases the interviewer may ask you why you chose that particular job. When this happens, be ready with an answer as to how your experience or skills match the job requirements. Asking the interviewer questions of your own will also create a good impression in their minds.

How to ace your job interview

  • Research

One of the most important things to do in an interview is build a rapport with the interviewer. To go about this, call the company beforehand and learn the interviewer’s name. Interviewers only select people who they like and are comfortable with. Reading up on the company will also help in answering the question “Why did you choose our company?”.When answering questions, try to input the things you have learnt about the company in your answers. This will help you to relate to any company easily.

  • Getting Ready for job interview

Apart from getting ready mentally, you will also need to get ready physically. Making a good first impression is essential to land a job. Have an outfit ready at all times to wear on short notice for interviews. Printing out a couple of copies of your certificates and resume will also help. The night before the job interview, check and recheck for anything you may have forgotten. Don’t forget to take a pen along to an interview as it will show the interviewer how prepared you are.

tips to pass job interview

  • Being Punctual

Punctuality doesn’t only mean reaching the interview exactly on time. To be punctual on the day of the interview, visit the interview location once before the interview to help you calm your nerves. Also, reach the location 5-10 minutes early. This will give you time to visit the restroom and freshen up. This will also help if you realize you needed to bring along some documents which you had no knowledge of previously.

  • Stay Calm

Reaching 10 minutes before hand will give you time to calm your nerves and get ready for the interview. Try to relax as body language will tell a lot of things about you. When in the interview, practice active listening and take in everything the interviewer has to say. Don’t be in a rush to finish the interview. At the same time, do not go into unnecessary detail. Answer to the point and be brief. The important thing is to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. This will show them your level of confidence.

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How to ace your job interview

  • Showing off your skills

In an interview, there is a very little possibility of the interviewer going through your entire resume. In that case, you will have to be outgoing to tell him/her about your varied skills. While researching about the company, identify some points which you can use to your advantage. Relating your personal achievements with the company’s goals will help you get the job. Keep in mind that the interviewer has no reason to ask about your skills. This is why you will have to be vocal and express yourself ni a good way.

  • Thank-You Notes

This is a basic etiquette that not all interviewee do.  Writing out or mailing a short thank you to the company you have just attended an interview for will increase your chances. When you write a thank you letter, you will jog the memory of the interviewer which will create a favorable impression about you. Eventually, this may go a long way in getting you selected.

The main thing you have to understand about job interviews is that however much you practice and prepare, it may not always go the way you expected. Make sure you never lose heart but keep on going to job interview. Hope you found these tips useful. Comment below if you have used any of these techniques previously.

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