How to Add Text to Photo of Your Choice

Know all about the art of making memes

Memes have become a form of entertainment for the new generation. This generation uses memes to crack jokes, send across messages and express themselves. You too must be looking at memes daily, while scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. If Facebook is not your style many pages have even taken to Instagram to show their memes to the world. As memes become more and more omnipresent, one cannot help but wonder how these memes are made and who makes them.

The good news is that memes are made by people just like you and me. They are not made by anyone with prior designing experience. All you need is a witty mind and the right tools to make a viral meme. If you are still confused as to how you should proceed with making memes, don’t worry we have you covered. In this piece, we bring you a list of aspects important to the art of making memes.

1. Getting a funny idea

The first step to making a good meme is getting a good idea upon which you base your meme. This idea can be related to current events, politics – anything which you feel people can relate to or something totally out of the blue. After getting this idea, you must contemplate on how you wish to proceed with making the meme.

2. Finding the right image

Most of the information in a meme is contained within the image itself. Hence, selecting the right image is one of the most important steps in creating a meme. You must choose an image that is funny and somehow relates to what you’re trying to say. It can either be directly related to the subject of the meme or be the expression or the feeling one gets after undergoing or observing whatever the subject of the meme is.

3. Add text to photo

After you have chosen the image, the next important step is to add text to photo. The context of the image is very important in memes. You need to explain the context of the image with one or two well-placed lines of lines of text. This is where adding text to the photo becomes very important. The sentences must be properly framed, should not be too long, should bring out the meaning of the meme and should be properly aligned with the image as a whole. All this needs to be kept in mind while putting text to photo.

4. Using the right tools

There are a variety of tools and apps available to make memes. You need to ensure that you pick the right ones for you based on your need, platform and user interface requirements. Only by using the right tools will you be able to make memes that will become popular with the masses.

Memes have even invaded Whatsapp statuses now. You can hate them or love them, but you can’t run away from them! As memes slowly take over the internet, it’s your time to contribute to the talent pool and become a meme lord. Go ahead and create a revolution!

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