How To Block, Unblock, and Ban on Kik

How To Block, Unblock, and Ban on Kik App: Kik App is very popular instant messaging app among youngsters. There so many people registered on this app. The best thing about this app is It is not only an instant messaging app. On this app, you can browse, listen to music and watch videos while texting. Isn’t it cool? Yes, it is an amazing app and I am personally using this app and I love to write about this app.

I have written so many on the queries on using Kik App. Kik app is completely free and you can download this app on Android and iOS mobile. You can also access this app on the windows and Mac using some different methods because it is not available on Mac and windows officially. But people love this app and they are using it on everything to connect with their friends. Using this app is really very interesting.

How To Block, Unblock, and Ban on Kik

How To Block, Unblock, and Ban on Kik

Now, without wasting time let’s come to the main point. Today, In this post I will tell you “How to Block, unblock and Ban someone on Kik app?”. It is very easy to block or unblock someone on Kik. Sometimes it happens that you don’t want to talk to someone or someone is harassing you than you can block his/her profile on kik and after blocking you can also unblock them.

How to Block Someone on Kik

Blocking someone on kik is very easy. Once you block someone you or he/she will not be able to see each others profile on kik. To block someone on Kik follow the steps given below:

  1. Fir Open the chat section and then Tap on the profile of the user.
  2. Now, Tap more and then Block the Name of the user
  3. After that Tap on the Block.

As I have said it is very simple. You are done. Now, that contact will not be able to check your profile with that particular username until you unblock his or her name.

Now, let’s check how to Unblock someone on Kik App?

How to unblock someone on kik

Sometimes it happens that you block someone mistakenly. Then no need to worry, you can unblock them too. Unblocking someone on kik is very easy. Just follow the steps given below:

  1. On the top right of the kik app there is a gear symbol, click on that.
  2. Then Select Privacy Policy > Block List
  3. Search for the name of person you want to unblock then tap on that user and then Unblock Name.

And You are done. You have unblocked the person you have blocked. Now, you can chat with that person and can share files with each other too. Blocking and unblocking someone on Kik is very easy.

Sometimes it happens that someone abuses in the group and share adult content then you can ban that particular group member very easily. Check out the next paragraph to know how to ban someone from a kik group chat.

How to ban someone from a Kik group chat

On Kik App, If someone is not behaving good and abusing in the group chats then you can also ban that person from the group. So, No one can add them again in the group. You can also remove that person from the group but someone other can add that in the group so it is better to ban that person from the group. Steps to ban someone from a Kik group chat are given below:

  1. On the top right corner of the chat, click on the info icon
  2. Find the Person you want to ban and then tap on his or her profile picture
  3. After Tapping Select Ban from Group

Now, you have banned the person in the group. Now, no one can add that person in the group and he or she will not able to check the messages in the groups.

How to unban someone from a Kik group chat

If you want to unban someone from a group you have banned earlier then you can follow the steps given below:

  1. On the top right corner of the chat Tap on info
  2. Inside the info screen tap on More
  3. Then select View members
  4. FIrst, find the list of banned people then tap on the name of that person you want to unban
  5. At last Tap on Unban.

That’s all You have successfully unbanned that person and now that person can rejoin the group as well.

Final Words

This is all for this post. Using the above steps you can block, unblock, ban and unban someone on Kik. Still if you face any problem in blocking people on the Kik app or anywhere then please let us know in the comments. We would love to help you. You can also email us your query. To read more useful posts like this visit our site regularly and to get regular post updates on your email don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.



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