How to Burn Belly Fat Simply and Naturally and Lose Weight

Do you have Belly fat? Is the fat giving you trouble when sleeping? Then you have a serious health problem. It doesn’t matter if you have some amount of belly fat but too much is never good. Too much fat can cause a whole host of problems ranging from heart disease to blood pressure. All these diseases can have a major impact on your health and longevity. So it is recommended to get rid of your belly fat. Getting rid of your belly fat using cosmetic methods is not advised as you will not have worked to get rid of it and this may cause more complications.

Exercising is the best way to get rid of belly fat as you will also become healthier in the process and reduce weight naturally. Exercise can either be using gym equipment or at home. Spending a lot of money on a gym membership you probably will never use is ridiculous. Instead, you can set aside an hour each day to exercise to reduce your belly fat.

Top Exercises To Burn Belly Fat Naturally

  • Crunches

This is the best form of exercise as it helps get rid of belly fat the easiest. Crunches are very difficult to do but will yield the best results. It is necessary to do crunches the right way. Here’s how “Start by lying down flat with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Lift your hands and then place them behind the head. You can also keep them crossed on the chest. Inhale deeply. As you lift the upper torso off the floor, you should exhale. Again inhale when you get back down and then exhale as you come up.” Start with 2-3 sets of 10 crunches each and progress slowly.

Belly fat

  • Bicycle Exercise

This exercise makes you look like a bicyclist without a bicycle but it sure gets the results! Lie down on a mat and place your hands behind your head as if you are doing crunches. Then, lift up your legs and bend them at the knees. After this, bring your left knee to your chest while your right leg is straight and vice versa. Alternate these till it looks like you are riding a bicycle. Make sure to keep your hands in the air while doing this exercise to yield best results. This is quite an easy exercise and you can do up to 5 sets a day in the beginning.

Belly fat - Bicycle exercise

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  • Side Plank Exercise

This is another version of the plank exercise where you have to hold a certain position for as long as you can. Lie down sideways on a mat with your entire body resting on your right elbow. The elbow should be perpendicular to your shoulder and no other point should be touching the mat. Maintain this position for about a minute and repeat with the other side. Another exercise you can do is maintaining the same position and lifting up and down the leg on top. This will help strengthen your thighs and legs.

reduce Belly fat with Side Plank Exercise

  • Walking

This is one of the most underrated but most effective exercises for burning fat. Most people believe that going to the gym or doing regular exercise like crunches daily will help them keep fit. However, it is more than enough for people above the age of 30 or 40 to just walk 3-4 miles a day to keep them fit and healthy. Walking not only burns belly fat and makes you slimmer, it can also make you fit. Walking in parks at the crack of dawn also helps with fresh air intake. In this fast paced world, polluted air is all that we breathe in. Walking will provide a change of pace. Younger people can also try running and jogging as they are more effective.

How to Lose Belly Fat Simply

Following these tips can burn your belly fat in just a couple of months. However, you should take care to perform these exercises properly to avoid injury. Do you think you can follow these tips to burn your belly fat and lose weight naturally?

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