How to Prepare for a Solo Trip? What Are The Things You Should Consider?

Traveling can be a source of great enjoyment if you do it the right way. It is not always necessary that you have to travel with someone. A solo trip also can be a lot of fun. You need not care about the comfort of the people you are traveling with. You can do what you want, go where you want to.

On a solo trip, there are certain things you have to carry without fail.

Ensure that you travel light. No bulky luggage that you need to lug around! Take just the essentials. Buy things on the go if you need them. Also make sure that you carry luggage that you can singlehandedly carry.

Here is a list of things you ought to take with you:

A trolley with a hardpack

It is important that it has a hard shell cover so that in case you get caught in rain, your luggage doesn’t get drenched. You need a trolley with wheels to easily roll it along wherever you go.
solo trip

A Backpack with padded straps

A backpack is a must for carrying the essentials while flying. You can have it as hand luggage and stow the trolley as check in luggage. Make sure that you don’t carry any sharp objects like scissors or razor blade even in the hand luggage.

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Sturdy backpack

Emergency Contact Info Card

Always note down the details of who your emergency contact is and how they can be contacted in a few cards and keep them in each of your bags and your wallet as well. In case you are allergic to any medication, mention that also in the cards.

Polythene/Plastic Bags

Have polythene bags in assorted sizes to carry your toiletries, medication etc. Have a few spare bags as well to store something in case you need to. Don’t carry bulky pouches to carry your cosmetics and such stuff.
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Money Belt

Invest in a good quality money belt. While you may not like to wear one initially, once you start using it, you will realize how useful it is. You can carry your wallet, passport, ticket printouts, mobile phone etc. in it. Each time, you need to take these things out, you need not dig into your backpack. Even ladies will find that this money belt is more useful than carrying a handbag when you travel.

Solo trip Money Wallet

Money Wallet

Flashlight with an extra pair of batteries

This is a must in case you get caught in a place with no electricity or you are on a dark road. It is true that your mobile phone does have the flashlight option. Yet a small flashlight is not something bulky to carry and come handy in case you are left with no charge in your mobile.

First Aid Kit

This is a must. Carry the medication you generally have. Also have common over the counter analgesics and a few common antibiotics. Also carry gauze, bandaid etc.

solo trip

First Aid Kit


Have a few envelopes where you can keep some extra cash or some tickets and the like. You can just toss them in your bag.
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A few tips as well:

  • Don’t carry too many clothes. Pack just a few pairs of jeans and T shirts. Carry just a formal dress in case you are invited to a party or something.
  • Do not buy too many heavy and bulky souvenirs. You will have to carry them around while you visit other places.

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  • Do invest in a good camera and keep taking a lot of photos. However, don’t get carried away in taking photos that you are not enjoying the scenery.
  • Book rooms in hotels well in advance. Don’t leave it to chance and end up without a room to stay because of some local festival that has had all hotels fully booked.
  • Plan your itinerary well. Do some research of the places you are visiting and plan your trip well. However, be flexible to visit places that you had not planned to visit.
  • Enjoy the local cuisine. If you are a foodie, it is not an issue. Even otherwise, to get the authentic feel of the place, it is essential you taste the local food as well.

Are you ready for your solo trip? Bon voyage!

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