How to Monetize Apps? Tips to Monetize App

How to Properly Monetize Apps?

App monetizing is a way to provide the app to the users free of cost. Usually, mobile users are more attracted towards the free apps and study says that Google Play Store gets over 98 % of their revenue from free apps only. With free apps, it is very easy to generate money with advertisements in comparison to the chargeable ones.

An app is a great way to connect with thousands of people. It increases the customer interaction and allows pulling more customer data for marketing your brand.

5 Simple & Best possible ways to properly monetize apps

How to Monetize Apps

Monetize with Signup and Emails

Apps can be an effective medium to driving users to your websites. The strategy of using sign-ups and emails is the best way to create more customer engagement.

How is it best? Because email addresses are most of the time a permanent thing for people. They rarely change them and thus make the email marketing the best strategy to increase the customer engagement. Gathering email details are by adding email subscription through your app is the best way to ensure that users get and engage to your marketing contents.

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Advertising to Monetize App

Ads in the app are one of the basic ways to make money. People spend a lot of time with their phones, comparatively higher than television, magazines, and newspapers and the maximum of the time is spent in different apps. However, 99 % of people are more attracted towards free apps.

So, just makes sure that that your app is free to download and use and includes ads in your app to earn money.

Type of in-app ads: There are five basic types of ads used in apps.

  • Notification ads: – These ads pop up in the mobile status bar and very effective in drawing the attention of the user. However, it is also much-hated one as it creates a distraction. So, effective but hated.
  • Banner ads: – These ads are usually shown at the top or bottom of the screen when the app is running. It is quite less effective as it causes distraction and people forcefully overlook them.
  • Full-screen ads: – This type of ads appears naturally during the pause points like while loading or moving to a next menu. This can be the best way of advertising as it generates more click than frustration as it doesn’t create interruption usually while operating the app.
  • Capture form: – These are majorly seen in mobile games where users are attracted to give their email address or another point of contact in exchange for rewards.
  • Advanced overlays: – These types of ads are the mixture of capture form and full-screen ads. They are more interactive and also capable of collecting data.

So, these are the basic type of ads that you can include in your app to monetize the same. It is, however, important to select the best type of ad perfectly suiting the nature of the app and when to pop up, or else the app may end up getting uninstalled.

In-App Purchase

Most of the apps that are today available for download are free but also comes with an option for in-app purchase. Users who like to download free apps sometimes get so much engaged with the app that they don’t mind in spending few bucks to enhance the experience. These options are usually available with mobile games.

Premium Version

As per the in-app purchase system, the downloading of the app is free, and it includes an option to purchase a premium service, which comes with extended features and facilities. The free app will be just a demo version as it will just let the user experience the app. It will be like a teaser.

Now for the complete experience, the user needs to purchase the premium version and then download it. So, as an owner of the app, it is important that the user gets the desired and expected quality content from the app they are paying to download.

Marketing with SMS

It is a way of sending notice to the app users by sending a push notification or text message. Like if someone is not using the app for a while or if there is any kind of update, the app notifies the user. A push message is a great way to send information and maintain the customer engagement. It also helps to increase the brand value and users are driven back to the app.

These are the few basic ways through which you can monetize your app. However, for a best and efficient result, you need to follow some steps while going for monetizing your apps with ads and other mediums. Below are the few factors that you should definitely think about considering:

  • Do not give disruptive ads – Ads are easy and one of the best way to make money from your apps. However, too many ads can be irritating and disruptive ads during the operation of the app may lead to increased customer dissatisfaction. Users may lose interest and uninstall your app. So, you need to choose the type of ads very carefully.
  • Related ads – Ads which are interrelated with the apps are more successful than others. Suppose, if someone is using an app which is an action game, he or she will be more interested in an ad of an action flick or another action based game. Similarly, if someone is looking for traveling ticket, the particular user will definitely not be interested in the same advertisement of an action game.
  • Helpful advertisement – Ads are always considered as an irritating factor only except when it is in newspapers or magazines as you can easily flip those. So, to get the attention of the user, the ads need to the relevant and helpful. If a user is using an app for online shopping, an ad containing super discounts schemes in the shop will defiantly catch his or her attention.

So, these are all the necessary things you need to consider and do to monetize your app successfully.

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