How to Search Song Names by Lyrics

It is obvious that for song identification, song name apps like SoundHound and Shazam work best as they play. However, what happens when you want to know the name of a song which is not even playing and can’t get access to your mobile or tablet? There might be some online services on how to search songs that could preferably make your search easier. Such online websites function as a music ID database to give you the closest match with your query. Different websites follow different methods and tricks to search songs by names. While some of them capture the audio route via your singing through the microphone, others might discern by considering the lyrics entered.

Nevertheless, whatever the process of song identification is typical to that website, the following online services could save a lot of trouble the next time you can’t remember the name of a song. Lets look at the websites that help you to identify the song name by lyrics easily.

Websites to Search Song Names by Lyrics

1. Lyrster

This website is one of those song identification websites that recognise the song from the lyrics you input. Mostly, people are unable to recall the correct lyrics of a song and write words that they closely remember. This website could make out the name of the song by the few lyrics that you enter even if they are not entirely right. It operates by matching lyrics rather than analysing an audio clip. The website has a positive chance of getting unknown song names as it searches the song lyrics in over 450 lyric websites. Therefore, Lyrster offers you a better chance of finding a song than that of a search engine.

2. Midomi

Midomi is a popular music website that offers users from all around the world to connect online apart from finding the desired forgotten song. The website also includes digital music store with over 2 million tracks. The site’s ‘how to search songs?’ plan dictates the use of a microphone which could be either inbuilt or an external device attached to the computer. It is recommended to use Midomi if the tune of the song is still fresh in your mind because typing lyrics won’t give any result. It could also help if you played an audio clip to the microphone. Midomi’s trick to search songs is so flexible that the site can pick up tunes from a mere hum or even a whistle. If the mobile apps are proving incapable in finding your desired song, then give Midomi a try.

Search Song Names by Lyrics3. WhatZatSong

If all the versatile unknown song name websites have failed, then you could seek solace in WhatZatSong. Unlike the microphone singing, audio clip or lyrics tactic, WhatZatSong allows you to ask real people about the identification of the song. Get unknown song names by simply asking people as the website is solely created for this purpose. It is a song communityand all you have to do is post the audio clip for people to listen and wait for results. A friendly and fast-working website, you get a reply almost instantly unless the sound is obscure or inaudible.

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4. AudioTag

AudioTag uses the audio clip trick to search songs. You can also enter the URL of the music online. After entering the required audio clip, there would come a step where you need to prove that you’re not a bot functioning. After that, the site compares your entry with the music and songs available on its database to come with a result. The site recommends choosing an audio file with 15-45 seconds duration else the identification would not be processed.

With the above song identification websites, you don’t have to use your smartphone or tablet when you come across a familiar song or a music you like while watching a movie. Go online and enter your convenient mode of finding the song, and let the sites do the rest of the work.

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