How to search Tumblr effectively

Most of us are very well aware about the tumblr but for those who are not aware about this site, don’t worry we are here to help you and tell you everything. Tumblr is a very famous and popular website. It is a mixture of both blogging as well as social networking and thus, makes it more attractive. It was introduced in 2007 by the person named DAVID KARP. And its parent company is Oath Inc.

You can write any kind of short blogs or can also post multimedia here. Your blogs can be read by other people if they follow you and similarly you can also see blogs of other people by simply following them. But the main point is that how you can search a tumblr effectively?

So further knowing about it you will have to stay with us and keep on reading our post. What are you waiting for? Go and scroll down to read!

If you want to search for any tumblr you will have to search it here. This means tumblr is having the search function of its own and connects with each and every blog with the help of search engines.

How to search Tumblr effectively

How to search Tumblr effectively

What is tumblr?

As we have already described a bit about tumblr that it is a website which is a social networking platform as well as a micro blogging platform. It was launched by david karp almost 11 years ago in 2007. The main idea or the functioning of this website is that it gives you a platform where you can start or create your own small site or can write your blogs on any topic or in any field. This is a complete legal and safe website. Though, there are also many adult blogs or content but tumblr is not all about that.

According to the reports and analysis of tumblr there are almost more than 160 million blogs. And everyday people use to post that is around 133 million posts regularly.

You can found anything you want here on tumblr. As it has variety of blogs and posts. Including blogs like: food blogs, health and lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, trending blogs, game and sports blogs etc.

So now the question arises how will you search for a particular tumblr? See the paragraph below!

How to search tumblr

If you are looking for a particular or specific tumblr you can search it directly. We are going to tell you about how to search tumblr. There are so many ways through which you can search. The ways consists of: searching through hashtags , search by keywords, search by tumblr urls or simply by filtering your result. We will talk about them all in a detailed manner.

Keep reading with us and know more!

Search by hashtag

Hashtags are something which is so in trend, you can find them anywhere. People love using these hashtags. So if you are writing any blog or something you can just add hashtags to it which will help it to become visible to the world. No matter what you are writing or about what topic, you can use hashtags everywhere. And with the help of these hashtags you can search for any particular tumblr.

Lets me explain it with some examples:

Imagine if you want to search for some fashion blogs so you will just have to search from the tumblr bar by typing #fashionblogs or #fashion.

Now, if you want to search for some wedding pictures you can use hashtags like #weddingpictures, #weddingbells.

For a single search you can also use all the hashtags together.

Search by keywords

You can also search through keywords for a better result. For that you will have to just type the keyword you want to search in the search bar. Searching through keywords gives you wider results. Example if you want to search for good wallpapers you can just write “good wallpapers” in the search bar and you will get thousands of amazing pictures and posts related to it.

Search tumblr using urls

This is another way of searching tumblr under which you directly use url of the blog or microsite you want to search. This method is much more convenient and easy as compared to other and is time consuming too.

Here is an example:

If you use this url “”you will be able to search archived posts from a particular blog.

Filtering for results

You can also simply use the filter or edit option present on the tumblr in order to narrow down your search result. You can directly go for the options like trending tumblr or recommended blogs. This will help you in getting a much better result.

So all these were the ways through which you can search for a tumblr. Hope you have learned enough and can search for your own. For any kind of feedback you can just leave a message or comment below. If you face any problem then please let us know in comments.


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