How to vote on Instagram polls

It is so true that social media is playing a very crucial role in our lives. No matter how busy or shy a person is in public or real life but you might surely found that person active and bold on those (virtual) social platforms. Almost everyone is using at least one social platform today and no doubt it is somewhere helping each person in a very different way.

So, to keep it short and coming straight to today’s topic, we are going to talk about a very impressive feature of instagram which helps you to do a voting poll. Yes! You can poll as well as you can vote on someone’s poll. And people are doing it so frequently and truly this feature is just so amazing.

This feature was launched in October 2017 under the sticker sections where many more stickers are also available for the instagram stories like a time and temperature sticker, location sticker, day sticker etc.

Through this Instagram poll sticker, you can ask anything you want to and can do a poll for that. For example: if you want to know which picture you should post on instagram you can do a poll with a question “which one?” and below that you can mention picture 1 as “A” and the other one as “ B”.

This was just an intro for the feature, for knowing more or further about how to do voting on instagram polls stay with us and keep on reading the below post.

Instagram Polls

How to vote on Instagram polls

How to vote on Instagram polls

This polling sticker is not only a fun thing for individuals like us but also helping business pages as well. Through helping we mean this feature is somewhere helping businesses. As they can use this poll facility very smartly and can run polls for taking feedback on some products or services or can also ask questions about anything related to the business for knowing the customer’s opinion.

And for doing that you just have to make the instagram story and use the stickers along with the polling one and after that you will be able to receive the opinions of your followers if your account is private. Even, if someone is not your follower can also vote in case your privacy settings are on public mode that is if your account is public.

So now let’s come to the main information which will help you in knowing how to exactly set up a voting poll.

Just check the below para!

How to setup an instagram Poll

Here we are telling you the steps which help you to create an instagram poll. You just have to follow the below mentioned steps one by one.

  1. First of all you will have to make an Instagram Story post. Your story should be somewhere related to the asked question as it will help voters to vote.
  2. Now select the Poll sticker and add it to your post. You will then see a poll setup screen.
  3. After that you will have to type your question where it says ‘Ask a question’.
  4. Where it says ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ at that place you will have to type your answer.
  5. After that you can use any sticker or filter as per your wish.
  6. After completing the previous steps you just have to select the “share” button.


And now you are done! Your story is now up and people can vote on your poll.

Things to keep in mind:

There is a limitation that you can only use total of 26 alphabets for each answer and not more than that. This is one of the most effortless and convenient feature which instagram has given us.

Now the question arises that how to vote on the instagram polls?the answer for all such questions are given below. So scroll down and have a look.

How to Vote on an Instagram Poll

It is so easy to vote on an instagram poll. You just have to select any one option whichever you want to from the given options. The person who has started the poll will only be able to see the votes of the people and no other person can see that. They will only be able to see the % of both the options and not the exact information like who voted for option 1 and who voted for option 2.

Yes! It is as simple as it is.

So this is all what you have to know about the instagram poll feature. Hope you liked the article. For any feedback you can connect with us or can leave a comment below.


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