Can you use iMessage Online? Not Really

Can you use imessage online? So friends, I am here with an interesting tacts with your MacBook. As mentioned in my last article that if you have any sort of questions relating to your mac you can surely leave hat for us and this article is based on this question only, “I have a Mac at home and a Windows 10 computer at work. Can I use iMessage online or on a Windows PC?”

So, going with this flow, I am here to tell you something This is a situation faced by many Mac users as Windows is considered to be the pre-eminent enterprise operating system. If you have a Mac and not an iPhone, the thing that strikes the mind is what you going to do without iMessage out your home? The short answer is that there is currently no online version available of iMessage and neither for windows expertise.

use iMessage Online

use iMessage Online

The one thing I knew was the remote access of your mac, you got that right, you have to keep that mac open for all day long connected to internet and bringing the cost rise in maintenance of mac. There are lots of ‘tutorials’ online that suggest jailbreaking an iPhone. That kind of defeats the object seeing as iMessage is part of iOS. You really don’t need to jailbreak your phone in order to receive iMessages.

Remote desktop on a mac

To manage the access to iMessage when you don’t have access to an iDevice, you have to prepare your mac to available on remote basis by the working internet connection. You can do this in two ways. Using Screen Sharing or use the nifty commonly known as Chrome Remote Desktop app. I tested both when preparing the answer for our reader and both seem to work fine. You will require some permissions to download the app.

Mac Screen Sharing

To bring yourself to use iMessage on a Windows PC you need to set up Screen Sharing on your Mac, this will provide you the transparency and install VNC on the Windows PC. Being this possible way to develop a curiosity among the user’s as they all will got some access.

Following are the steps to set up Screen Sharing:

STEP 1: Click on the Apple menu and then look for System Preferences.

STEP 2: Click on Sharing and check the box next to Screen Sharing.

STEP 3: Select Computer Settings and set a password. Uncheck the box next to ‘Anyone can request permission to control screen and Check the box next to ‘VNC viewers may control screen with password’.

STEP 4: Enter the password set by you for this in the box and select OK.

And as mentioned above VNC viewer is to be installed in the windows to make this process complete, here are the steps to provide you ease in performing the work

STEP 1: Download and install the VNC viewer from Google.

STEP 2: Sign into VNC if required.

STEP 3: By adding the IP address of the Mac into the address bar in the top of the VNC app screen will show the mac as an option to connect.

STEP 4: Connect to the Mac, type the password and make sure that both are connected.

STEP 5: The good dimension of this app is that it brings the option of saving the mac for future purpose.

If everything goes right, you will be able have the experience of iMessages on the go. You just have to take care of the passwords and the mac address of the mac book.

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you are already using google chrome then the Chrome Remote Desktop extension may help us in more frequent manner, helpful and easy. As this is based on the google set up, the extension would be required on both computers (Windows computer) and host (your Mac). Setup of this takes a few times but offers the best of its service of sharing things.

STEP 1: Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop from google

STEP 2: Make sure you are signed into Google via Chrome on both computers when setting up.

STEP 3: Provide Chrome permission to access your computer by selecting Allow access when prompted.

STEP 4: Select Enable remote connections and select a PIN of at least six characters. I would suggest making this as complicated as you can while still being able to remember it.

STEP 5: Make sure to have iMessage running on your Mac.

STEP 6: On the guest computer, select Get Started and you should see the Mac in the dialog box.

STEP 7: Select the Mac from the box and enter the PIN when prompted.

STEP 8: Select Connect and give it a few seconds to do just that.

When it gets connected, you will be able to see the untouched mac with new feature. Use the ‘Send keys’ option to interact with the Mac without interfering with the local computer. Than it will be able to bring the experience of using iMessage just like sitting in front of mac.

Hope that the above article is helpful for you. If you have any query or doubt then drop a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get latest upadtes on your email.

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