How important is a mother’s role in a family?

God cannot be everywhere. So he created mothers. This is a cliché all of us like to say at one time or the other in our lives. However, those words are very true. The unconditional love that a mother accords to her children, irrespective of their age, gender is second to none. The father does provide for the family and works hard for that. But a mother’s love is unique. That’s why daughters and sons alike are closer to their mothers than their fathers in most households. It is the mother who acts as an anchor in the household. She is the pivot around which the household revolves.

Mother's Day

Let us take a look at what a mother does for her kids on a daily basis:

She nurtures

A mother takes care of all the needs of her children. She cooks for them, makes sure that they are well nourished. A mother makes sure that her kids wear clean clothes and keeps a watchful eye on their hygiene. She worries for her kids if they come late from school. A mother nurtures her kids no matter how old they are. Even when the kids have grown up to be independent men and women, the mother takes care of them.


She teaches

It is no exaggeration to say that a mother is the first teacher of the child. Even while her child is a toddler, she takes care and interest in teaching him or her the alphabet. A mother teaches not just the alphabet, she also takes care to inculcate good habits in her kids. Of course, there are mothers who are over ambitious about their kids and pressurize them to work very hard at studies. But that is because she wants them to scale great heights in life.


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Mothers discipline Kids

As much as she loves the child, the mother also takes care to see that her child is well behaved and well disciplined. She instinctively knows when the kids are up to some trouble. It is as if she has an eye at the back of her head. No child can escape his or her mother by telling lies. Mothers have this extra sensory power to sense when the child is telling a lie. At the same time, she does not punish her kids so harshly that they get hurt.

She is a friend to them

Right from the time a child goes to school, it is the mother who takes special care to know what is happening at school and outside. All kids rush home to their mothers to narrate what happened at school. The mothers patiently listen to their kids even when the kids blabber on about their friends and other stuff.

She loves

There is no love equal to a mother’s love. A mother loves her kids unconditionally and wished only the very best for them. Kids may sometimes feel that their mother is too strict. But underneath all that is a heart that beats solely for her kids.


I am sure that none of you will refute what is written above. Now the question is this: How can we show our love for this person who is the pillar of the house?

A word to husbands

Value your wife. Understand the pivotal role she plays in the family. Devote time for her and be supportive of her decisions. Try to be a hands-on father and do relieve her of some of her duties. Understand that sometimes she may neglect your needs for the sake of your kids. Never undermine her importance in the family. Show her respect always, especially in front of the kids. Kids learn from you how to treat their mother.

Mother's day

A word to children

  • If you are young, do pick up your toys and put them away.
  • If you are older kids, do help her with household chores. Make her feel appreciated.
  • If you are adults who live away from the house, try to call at least once a week, if not more often and talk to her for some time. When she calls you, attend her calls even if you are busy.

Happy Mother And Son

So this Mother’s Day, what are you going to do to show your appreciation for your mother? To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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