How To Install and Use the KissCartoon Kodi Addon

KissCartoon kodi addon: Studying studying all day, makes one dumb in all way. Well do not know how exact this line is but yes for sure the meaning is clear that not everytime one should study, there should be some entertainment in order to refresh the mind and grab some energy. And for a child entertainment could be anything but their favorite one is watching the cartoons. And nowadays it has become so easy to watch cartoons because of the apps which have thousands of cartoon shows. Now the kids do not have to wait for their favorite cartoon and can rather watch it online anytime they want to, any show they want to.

There are so many websites where you can watch cartoons online either free or paid. One of them is “KissCartoon” which have a really good and huge collection of animated shows and that too without any fee. Today we will tell you all about this KissCartoon kodi addon. Covering each and every step from its installation to its utilization.

Not only children but the adults and teenagers are also fond of watching cartoons. And thus, this website is not solely being used by or made for children. Anyone who loves watching cartoon can go to the website and stream the latest or any favorite animated show.

The KissCartoon kodi addon is a very organized and well maintained website. It has so many good features and options like everything is in alphabetical order. The content is properly partitioned category wise ranging from old shows to new or latest shows, genre. There’s also an option like watched shows, ongoing shows and completed shows. It also highlights the future or upcoming shows so that you do not miss any latest animated show.

It is super easy to install KissCartoon kodi addon. All you have to do is, first make sure that you are downloading it from a safe and authentic source. We are warning you in the very beginning about the source from where you are going to download it because there are so many fake and illegal sources that shows you fake links that might harm your device. So only download the KissCartoon kodi addon from an authorized or permissible website. Now the question comes like exactly how to install KissCartoon kodi addon? Go below and just keep reading the article.

How to install the KissCartoon kodi addon

how to install and use kisscartoon kodi addon

how to install and use kisscartoon kodi addon

So, basically initially you have to download the file which has KissCartoon kodi addon. Now, we are going to use and install kodi v17 krypton which is a bit different from kodi v16. And we will also tell you about how to install KissCartoon kodi addon on Jarvis. We will need a repository in order to download the genuine files of KissCartoon kodi addon. Repository keeps all the KissCartoon kodi addon files. After that the following steps are to be followed:

  1. First, open Kodi and then select Add-ons.
  2. Now choose the cog icon to operate settings and then check the box next to Unknown sources. Confirm/Agree the warning if it comes.
  3. Go back to the home screen and choose File Manager.
  4. Now you will have to select Add source and then <None>.
  5. Type this ‘’ into that box and click Done.
  6. Give a name to the repository and then select OK.


Now if you return to the home screen and choose Add-ons, you will see an open box icon. That icon is for the superRepo repository for the KissCartoon kodi addon.

After performing the above steps we need to finally install the KissCartoon kodi addon by following the given steps:

  1. Choose the SuperRepo repository and then select Install from zip file.
  2. Now select SuperRepo then Krypton then Genres after that Cartoons and then
  3. Now you have to wait for the message that tells the addon is enabled.
  4. You have to select Install from repository and SuperRepo All.
  5. Choose Video add-ons and then KissCartoon.
  6. Afterthat select Install and let Kodi set everything up. And then you will get a message telling you the addon has been enabled.

If you now return back to the home screen and then choose Videos and Add-ons, you will be able to see KissCartoons in the list. Go through and choose to watch cartoons as per your demand and mood.

How to install KissCartoon kodi addon on Jarvis

Though the latest release of kodi is krypton but there are so many people who are still happy using Jarvis. They do not want to set up things again and are comfortable being on Jarvis. For people like that, the steps to be followed are a bit distinct. Steps for installing KissCartoon on jarivs are as follows:

Firstly install the SuperRepo repository by following the steps mentioned above, after that:

  1. You have to open Kodi on the home screen and choose System.
  2. Now select Add-ons and Install from zip file.
  3. After selecting SuperRepo repository, select Jarvis then genres and atlast cartoons.
  4. Now choose and then wait for addon enabled message just like in Krypton.
  5. You’ll have to select Install from repository and SuperRepo All.
  6. Choose Videos and select Video add-ons and KissCartoon.
  7. Then click Install.

The method of playing cartoons is the same as in Krypton so for that see the steps where we have mentioned about it in detailed. There is only one difference in Jarvis that there may not be a cartoon genre. That may be under Anime instead.

You can also prefer to use the Superrepo website to add the KissCartoon Kodi addon.

We would suggest you to surely go and check the KissCartoon kodi addon website if you or your child love watching cartoons. The website is totally amazing having really amazing quality of content and collection and all of these without charging any cost.

At last hope you like the article and for more stuff like this keep reading, you can also send us message or comment below for any query or feedback.



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