IRCTC PNR Current Status enquiry

What to do to make an IRCTC PNR current status enquiry?

pnr status live check

pnr status live check

In India railway is one of the most usable and convenient mode of transport. Utilizable and convenient as in it is the most affordable and genuine way of travelling from one place to another. More than half of the population of India prefers Indian Railways over any other mode of transport. Though earlier the facilities provided by the railway authorities were not that much sufficient and were really overtiring. One had to wait in the long queues for a very much long time, reserving a seat was so difficult and cancellation too. But with the emergence of technology we are blessed to have internet and thus, the digitalized way of accessing everything. Now we can book tickets online, reserve seats online along with any cancellation if required. You can also know information related to your travel within minutes or we can say just at one click. For that what you have to create an IRCTC PNR current status enquiry.

PNR status live check

Before we go ahead it is crucial to make you understand that what exactly PNR is and what’s the use of having a PNR. PNR is termed as Passenger Name Record. It is in numerical form and can be allotted to an individual or a group of people. It is a 10 digit number always present on the top-left side of your ticket. Through this unique code, you can know all the information related to your travel. Only after reserving a ticket and providing all the asked details you get your PNR. PNR helps in so many ways like checking the status of your journey, whether your seat has been confirmed or not. In case your seat is not confirmed you can keep on checking from time to time to see the most recent status of it. Also, your information related to contact links, berth, seat etc can be known.

For checking your PNR status what you have to do it that go to the official website of the Indian railway. After opening the website you will see a search bar right in the middle of the page. Now you have to type your 10 digit unique code i.e. your PNR number there and you will go to a page where you will be able to see all the information related to your journey, whether your reservation has been confirmed or not, etc.

PNR prediction

There is a proper maintained system of PNR predictability being Indian railways one of the most popular mode of transport. The reservations or booking of tickets are more and faster on national holidays as compared to that on normal days.

If you are travelling for a long distance we would suggest you to reserve your seats or book the tickets at least 60 days before travelling. By advance booking you can prevent all those end time chaos. Similarly if you are planning to go for a short distance journey you should book your seats 30 days before your actual travelling. Basically the thing is that if it’s a festival or summer break time you should always book your tickets prior in order to eliminate the end time hindrances. Although sometime it is possible that you might get your seat reserved one day prior to your travel but only in the normal days and not on festival days. For your further knowledge and for your convenience we are providing you a list of some of the festivals, holidays and the timings so that you can book or reserve your seats 60/30 days before your actual travel. The list is given below:

  • New Year- Last week of December to the First week of January
  • Lohri and Pongal/ Makar Sankranti- Mid January
  • Holi- First or second week of March
  • Summer breaks- May and June
  • Raksha Bandhan- First or second week of August
  • Dussehra- Last week of September
  • Diwali- Last week of October to the First week of November
  • Christmas- Last week of December

By booking your tickets or reserving the seats you can also get information about the predictions of your PNR. By this you will get to know about the possibility or chances of your booking being confirmed. The PNR predictions are done by keeping so many things in knowledge. Data analytics helps in PNR predictions evaluating facts like festival season, number of cancellation, holidays etc.

PNR status seat availability

As we have already mentioned that by filling all the required information and details you book your seat. After that reservation you get your PNR number or 10 digit unique code. Through this PNR number you can check the availability of the seats or how many seats are left or is your seat is still on the waiting list. Ultimately you can check the status of your seat. Your PNR can also be used to make an IRCTC PNR current status enquiry for seat availability. We are providing you a list of status of seat availability. The list is given below:

  • CNF- It means you have a Confirmed Ticket. You can enjoy your journey and board your train without any chances of the ticket being cancelled.
  • RAC- RAC here means Reservation Against Cancellation. When the chart gets prepared many times a person with RAC gets her/his seat confirmed. Even if the chart is prepared and one does not gets her/his seat confirmed, will surely get half a berth on an RAC ticket. This means the person has to share half berth with another RAC ticket holder.
  • GNWL- this stands for General Waiting List. Means you are in a GNWL list when you are boarding the train from the origin or a station close to the origin. GNWL has the highest possibility of being confirmed.
  • RLWL- You are in the Remote Location Waiting List when you are boarding the train form a station that is somewhere between the initial station and end station. Such tickets have very less chances of getting confirmed.
  • TQWL- such lists are the waiting list for tatkal quota. It gets confirmed automatically when the waiting list for tatkal comes down without being changed to RAC or GNWL. But as per the rules person with GNWL gets her/his ticket confirmed first. So we can say that the chances of a TQWL being confirmed are also not much.

   How to make IRCTC PNR current status enquiry

There are so many apps you can download for making an IRCTC PNR current status enquiry. You can also go directly to the official website of the Indian railways. In case both the options are not available you can check it by sending SMS on these mentioned numbers:

  1. 5676747
  2. 139
  3. 54959


Hope, now you are completely clear about how to make an IRCTC PNR current status enquiry. For any query or feedback, you can contact us or can leave a comment below.

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