IRCTC Premium Tatkal Ticket Booking: Everything About Premium Tatkal Booking

Premium Tatkal ticket booking: Traveller like me who make all the plans instantly must be aware of Indian Railways. Well, Indian Railways are so beneficial for us. Even Indian Railways connect us with the places where Airways can’t reach. So, Indian Railways are better for those travelers who travel on regular basis within the country. But to travel by train we have book the tickets earlier because of so much rush of people.

But now, Using Tatkal ticket booking we can book tatkal tickets just one day before the date of departure of the train. There will be extra charges of booking tatkal tickets. There is two type of Tatkal tickets i.e. Normal Tatkal and Premium Tatkal. Well, Today in this article we are going to tell you about the Premium Tatkal ticket booking in detail.

How to book Tatkal tickets? What are its timings? What are the extra charges on booking Premium Tatkal Charges? We will answer all these questions in this article. We will also tell you the difference between the Premium tatkal and the Normal tatkal Ticket. So, without wasting your precious time let’s move ahead.

What is Premium Tatkal Ticket Booking?

Premium tatkal ticket booking

Premium tatkal ticket booking

Premium Tatkal ticket booking reservation is the new type of reservation of tickets. In Premium Tatkal ticket reservation, there are some reserved seats of Indian Railways. We can book tickets even when the there is no availability of tickets in the train. Premium Tatkal booking is costlier than the normal tatkal ticket booking as it is available when there are no seats available in the train. In tatkal ticket booking number of seats are very limited and fills very fast. There is so much in booking the tatkal tickets. You have to be very fast while booking the tatkal tickets no matter you are booking online or offline.

Premium tatkal ticket reservation is introduced by IRCTC for those people who need the tickets urgently. Premium Tatkal tickets are for those who really need to travel somewhere in urgency and no ticket is available. This is a very good scheme launched by the Indian government. We should be thankful to the Indian government for introducing this scheme. Let’ move ahead and see what is the difference between Normal tatkal and Premium Tatkal Booking.

Difference between Normal Tatkal and Premium Tatkal Booking

There is no big difference in Normal Tatkal and Premium Tatkal Booking. The main difference is between their prices. Prices of normal tatkal tickets are same for all and not so expensive but premium tatkal tickets prices changes according to their demand and time. Premium tatkal prices are very expensive. And There is one more difference which is the timing of booking the premium tickets. Premium tickets can be booked anytime after 10 AM whereas normal tatkal tickets can be booked only at the slot timings of the classes. Now, Let’s have a look How can you book the Premium tatkal tickets? Step by step process of booking premium tatkal tickets.

Step By Step process of Booking Premium Tatkal Tickets

Premium tatkal tickets can be booked online and offline. Below is the step by step process of booking premium tatkal tickets online and offline.

Steps to Book Premium Tatkal tickets Online

  1. Visit the official website of IRCTC,
  2. Sign Up, if you don’t have IRCTC account and then log in.
  3. Fill the traveling details like departure and destination, To and from column and date of journey.
  4. Train list will appear on your screen.
  5. Select the train by which you want to travel.
  6. At the top of the screen, Click and select Premium tatkal 
  7. Choose the coach
  8. You will be asked to fill your details
  9. Make the Payment
  10. Once the payment is done, then Congrats your premium tatkal tickets are booked now. 

Steps to Book Premium Tatkal tickets Offline

  1. Visit your nearest Railway Station before after 10 AM (Booking of Premium tatkal starts after 10 AM)
  2. Go to the Reservation counter
  3. On Reservation counter, Ask them to book the Premium tatkal ticket and remember to go one day before the departure of the train.
  4. They will ask your details and fill up and book your premium tatkal tickets.

Hope, All these steps of booking Premium tatkal tickets online and offline are clear to you. If not, then feel free to contact us on our email or leave your query in the comment box. Well, this is not the end of the article. One more thing is left which is the fare of the premium tatkal tickets.

Premium Tatkal ticket fare

As I have told you above in the article, Premium tatkal ticket fares are higher than the normal tatkal tickets. The main reason behind that availability of seats when all the seats are full in the train. Premium tatkal ticket fares vary and they are not fixed as when the demand of Premium tatkal ticket is high they raise their prices and when their demand is not high still their prices are high but not that much. Premium tatkal tickets fare are just equivalent to flight tickets not exactly same but they are really high. But facility of Premium tatkal is really very good as you get the seat on the train when you really need it to reach your destination for some urgent work.

This is all about the Premium Tatkal ticket from the World Top Updates. If you have any query or doubt or if you face any problem in booking premium tatkal tickets online or offline then do let us know in the comment box or you can also mail us. We will contact as soon as possible. It is our duty to help our readers. Don’t forget to subscribe our newspaper and follow us on the social media.

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