IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Timings for Train

Tatkal Ticket Booking Timing: Do you plan trips on the spot like me? If yes, then this article is very useful for you because obviously, you need to book the train tickets. Now, the question arises How will you book the tickets at the last moment? You can book your tickets on the train using Tatkal booking services. Yes, You can book the train tickets at the last moment too but due to rush, you have to be fast. So, here in this article, we are sharing the Tatkal ticket booking timings in IRCTC. Before moving ahead you must be aware of that what is Tatkal Ticket booking?

What is Tatkal Ticket Booking?

All of you must be aware of Tatkal ticket booking services but if you don’t know about it let me tell you that tatkal ticket booking is the instant ticket booking of trains. In Tatkal train ticket booking you can book your train tickets just one day earlier by paying a little bit extra amount.

In English, the meaning of Tatkal is Immediate. This is an awesome scheme launched by the Indian government. Using this service you can immediately book your train tickets to reach your destination. Now, you can make your plans at the last moment and can book your tickets just one day before.

Don’t think that booking Tatkal ticket is an easy task. It is damn so difficult because there is so much rush. And You can book your tickets online as well as offline according to the timings of the Tatkal ticket booking. There are two types of Tatkal booking:

  1. Normal Tatkal Booking (Normal Price
  2. Premium Tatkal Booking (Costly than normal tatkal booking)

Tatkal Ticket Booking Timings of IRCTC in 2018

tatkal ticket booking timings IRCTC

Tatkal ticket booking timings IRCTC

Booking of Tatkal tickets starts just one day before the train departure of the train. For example, If your train will depart from the station on 15th, then tatkal ticket booking for that train will be done on 14th on the booking timing. You can book tatkal tickets online as well as offline.

There is so much rush, So it is not easy to book tatkal tickets. You have to be very very fast to book the Tatkal tickets. You can also book your Tatkal tickets through the agents. The Agent’s timing for booking the Tatkal tickets is different.

Tatkal Ticket booking timing in IRCTC for the individuals

Class of BookingTimings
Sleeper Class11:00 AM
AC Class10:00 AM

IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Transportation Corporation) changes their rules time to time but don’t worry we are here to keep you updated with all the changes made by IRCTC in their rules. The timings given above are the timings of booking Tatkal tickets in 2018.

There are two classes available in the train i.e Sleeper Class and A.C Class. 

The booking of A.C class tatkal tickets starts from 10 AM to 11 AM, just one day before the date of departure of Train.

The booking of Sleeper class tatkal tickets starts from 11 AM onwards, just one day before the date of departure of Train.

Agents timing for booking the Tatkal tickets in IRCTC is different. Let’s see the timings of Tatkal Ticket Booking for the Agents.

Timings of Tatkal Ticket Booking for the Agents

The Tatkal ticket booking timings for agents are different from the others. Agents booking timings are given below:

Sleeper Class11:30 AM
A.C Class10:30 AM
General Booking8:00 AM

Agents can book the tatkal tickets in three classes:

  1. General Class
  2. Sleeper Class
  3. AC Class

Agents are allowed to book the tickets 30 minutes late after the booking time of normal individual starts.

As you can see, Booking timings for General class start from 8:00 AM, 11:30 AM for the sleeper class and 10:30 AM for the A.C class.

Timings for Online and Offline Booking of Tatkal Tickets are Same

Well, the question which arises in almost everyone’s mind that Is online and offline tatkal tickets booking timing different? So, let me tell you that timings for both online and offline bookings are same. All that we have to do is to be very fast while booking the Tatkal tickets whether online or offline. There is so much rush in both as thousands of people do the tatkal booking at the same time.

Now, I think schedule for booking the tatkal tickets is clear to all of you. So, now let’s check the charges of Tatkal ticket booking in the next paragraph.

Tatkal ticket Booking Charges

As I have told you above that whenever you book tatkal tickets in IRCTC then you have to pay some extra charges. Below, you can see the extra charges for the different classes on booking tatkal tickets.

Class of Tatkal TicketBooking Charges
ExecutiveMinimum 30% of base fare
A.C 2 tierMinimum 30% of base fare
A.C 3 tierMinimum 30% of base fare
A.C chairMinimum 30% of base fare
SleeperMinimum 30% of base fare
Second SeatingMinimum 30% of base fare

In all the class on the train, you have to pay minimum 30% of the base fare. Now, let’s have a look at the minimum and maximum Tatkal ticket charges in IRCTC.

Travel ClassMaximum Charges on Tatkal Booking in (INR)Minimum Charges on Tatkal booking in (INR)Minimum distance required for charge in (KM)
A.C 2 tier₹500₹400500
A.C 3 tier₹400₹300500
A.C chair₹225₹125250
Second Seating₹15₹10100

Key Points to Remember while booking Tatkal tickets

  • Tatkal Ticket reservation starts just one day before the date of departure of the train.
  • Once a Tatkal ticket is confirmed, there will be no refund policy on cancellation.
  • Booking starts from 10:00 am for AC class and from 11:00 am for sleeper class.
  • You can cancel the Tatkal tickets which are in waiting list.

IRCTC Latest updates of 2018

Do you know? Recently, IRCTC introduced ePayLater and Pay-on-Delivery facilities which allow you to book the tickets (normal and Tatkal) now you can pay for them later. This service is really useful for everyone.

How to use ePayLater and Pay-on-Delivery facility in IRCTC? Well, It is very simple to opt for the ePayLater and Pay-on-Delivery facility. While booking your Tatkal or normal tickets just select any one of these options while paying the amount for e-tickets. And then you will receive a confirmation link through SMS or email for the ticket booking.

After the confirmation of the ticket booking, You have a time period of 14 days to pay the amount of the tickets. You will charge extra 3.50% of the total amount and other taxes. But Remember if you don’t pay the amount on the within the 14 days and once the deadline is crossed then 36% interest charge will be levied on you. So, don’t delay the payment just pay it before the deadline. If you miss the payment and cross the deadline then your IRCTC account will be suspended or canceled by the Indian Rail Catering and Transportation Corporation.

Difference between Normal Tatkal And Premium Tatkal

Let's discuss some points to differentiate Normal Tatkal and Premium Tatkal
Normal TatkalPremium Tatkal
No extra chargeMore extra charges and costly than normal Tatkal
There is waiting listNo waiting list
More rushLess rush
Consumes More time and no surety of ticket confirmationTakes less time but demand more money but ticket is confirmed
Due to rush there is more waiting and it takes more timeMain motive is to save time and avoid waiting list

Hope now you are clear about the difference between Normal Tatkal and Premium Tatkal. Now let’s have a look at the question which arises in everyone’s mind while booking the Tatkal tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tatkal ticket booking timings

Below are some questions which frequently our visitors asked us. So, I decided to give their answers here:

What is Tatkal ticket booking timing?

Tatkal ticket booking is 10 AM for AC class and 11 AM for Sleeper class just one day before the departure of the train. For Agents, the timings are a half hour late for both the classes.

How many passengers can be booked in a single tatkal ticket?

The maximum number of passengers allowed for tatkal booking is four. Only two tickets can be booked on single IP address.

Is waiting for Tatkal ticket (W/L) refundable?

Yes, the refund is possible. According to IRCTC rule only if the tatkal ticket is in waiting but once the tatkal ticket is confirmed you can’t apply for the refund.

What if some passenger’s ticket get confirmed and some get Waiting List (W/L) tatkal ticket?

Wait for the chart to display if your name doesn’t display on the chart then you can cancel it before 30 mins of the train time.

What ID proof I need to carry for tatkal ticket travel?

Any government identity proof which has your address or school id card for the children.

This is all the information about the IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking timings. Still, if you have any query then let us know about it in the comments or you can also email us. We will keep updated with all the latest rules introduced by the IRCTC. Stay in contact with us. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates from World Top Updates.




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