Keep your house free of cockroaches and ants easily!

Cockroaches are a common enemy of households. They cause troubles in every house. Especially if one does not strive to keep the house safe from these pests! It is not safe to use chemical pesticides as that leaves your family vulnerable to toxic chemicals. So it is best to get rid of these pests in a natural way.

  1. Keep your home clean

It is very important to keep your house clean at all times. You must keep your place free of leftover food items. Cockroaches are attracted to residue of food and the grease in particular. So take care to clean all counter tops and the other surfaces on which food is cooked. Keeping your house very clean will help to keep these pests away. But this is normally a difficult task if you have kids.

  1. Close up holes

Make sure to seal all holes and crack in the walls, in the pantry below countertops and in cupboards. Cockroaches can make use of the smallest places and get in to make your life hell. This has to be done especially if your neighbors aren’t all about personal hygiene. While this might be a difficult job, it is well worth it if done properly.


  1. Stop water leakage

If water is collecting up somewhere it has to be cleared because cockroaches are attracted to water as they need it more than food to survive. Close up all water sources properly and there should be no chance for leaks. Better not to let water stay stagnant anywhere including your kitchen sink and in outdoor plant gardens.

  1. Natural Coach bait

Make your own natural bait for cockroaches by mixing three parts of boric acid with powdered sugar. The sugar will draw them in and then the boric acid will kill them. While the boric acid is not lethal to humans, it is irritating so it shouldn’t be kept in places where we can touch it or where our noses will come into contact with it easily. It is best sprinkled under table tops and counter tops, under the skin and around the edges of racks.


Ants are a greater nuisance. There microscopic pests are a trouble everywhere. Some of the ways to get rid of them are given below.

  1. Cinnamon

This works well as a repellent of ants. The smell of cinnamon will stop ants from entering your house and kitchen. So it is very effective.


  1. White Vinegar

This also works effectively against ants. They are blinded by its strong smell. The strong smell of vinegar will help to mask their way and will make them lose their direction. It can be used for cleaning floors to prevent crawling ants over the floor.


  1. Peppermint

Peppermint being a natural repellent of insects will help keep these pests away by their strong smell. Ants hate the smell as it disrupts their scents toward food. This makes them lose course towards sources of food. Dry peppermint can be sprinkled at doors and entryways to keep ants away. One can also grow a peppermint plant at home.


You can try any or all of these methods easily at home without much trouble. Do let us know your feedback.

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