Lawn Care and Maintenance Practical Tips

A tiptop and attractive lawn increase the beauty of your house yard. To make your lawn emphatic, you have to look after the plants or grass regularly.

You must input adequate nutrients and prevent unnecessary weeds time to time to keep the plants fresh and green.

Not only that, you should maintain the aeration, mowing and watering of the plants.

So, knowing the methods of lawn care, whether that’s with a practical zero turn lawn mower or with weed preventers, maintenance is mandatory.

Practical Tips on Lawn Care and Maintenance

In this article, you will find some easy and effective methods of lawn care which will help you to keep the lawn prosperous and healthy. Methods are given below.

Treating Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds are perennial. They can ruin the beauty of your lawn. It also weakens the soil and lessens the nutrients of the soil. So, you must prevent the broadleaf weeds timely.

You can control the weeds by pulling and digging in small areas. Rainy season is the best time for digging. But, pulling and digging process is not useful when the plants are deep-rooted.

You can use broadleaf herbicides to control the weeds. It can be applied as fluid or granules. You can use it mixing with the fertilizer.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Practical Tips Treating Broadleaf Weeds

Using Weed Preventers

Weed & moss weaken the soil. If you want to have a beautiful green garden, you have to prevent the weed & moss of the lawn timely.

You can use weed killer, fertilizer or a garden hoe to solve this problem.

Early spring is the right time for applying the weed killer. Before the weeds develop a healthy root system, use the killer and remove them.

Some fertilizer also works as the weed killer. So, you can also use the lawn feeder. It will save your money and even time.

You can also prevent the random weeds using hand or garden hoe.


Lawn Care and Maintenance Practical Tips Fertilizing lawn feeding

Fertilizing is also known as lawn feeding. You can get a beautiful green lawn by fertilizing regularly.

Fertilizer contains nutrients which are very essential for the proper growth of the grass. Soil becomes morose, and grass grows thin and ghastly without it.

You can easily apply the fertilizer by using hand or push spreader. Wearing protective gloves during the task is a must. Always abide by the manufacturer’s rules.

Early spring is the perfect time for soil feeding. But, in autumn, repeat it to repair the damage of the summer and prepare it again for the grumpy winter.


Lawn Care and Maintenance Practical Tips Aerating lawn

Why aerating is important? In the area of foot passage, the soil becomes firmed over time. As a result, essential elements of the soil such as oxygen, aqua and nutrients can’t reach inside the soil. Besides, the embryon of grass can’t get adequate air and light for this problem.

The aerating process makes holes in the lawn. This process is done by the manual use of a fork or the extraction of the plug of the soil.

You should aerate your lawn once in a year. Autumn is the best season for aerating.

You will find the aerating tools at tool stores.


Watering is an important task, especially in summer season. Because weather remains pretty much rough in this season. Plants and grass turn into yellow for the high temperature.

In general, this temperature causes adverse effect towards the grass and plants of your lawn. So, watering is a must.

Rainwater is more effective than the regular water. So, always try to collect the fresh rain. It will also help you to save the water from tap or tank.

But heavy watering is not a good thing. Use regular mild spray instead of heavy watering.

So, water your lawn’s grass and plants following the instructions.


Mowing is an essential step of lawn care and maintenance. Mowing helps the grass to grow and expand properly. It also helps the grass to absorb sunlight.

It also makes the lawn thicker, which prevents weeds and destroy germs of many diseases.

You can use keen and acute mower blades for this purpose. Because dull blades are not suitable for mowing. It doesn’t clean the grass properly. Moreover, it is responsible for the damage.

Never mow your lawn when the grass is damp. Spring, summer, and autumn is the best season for mowing and don’t forget to choose the top quality zero turn lawn mower.


A well-organized lawn will enhance the overall beauty of your house.

If you apply these methods correctly, your lawn will become fascinating. It will also remain healthy and disease free.

Not only that, proper care and maintenance will give you an aristocrat home exterior. You can explore more DIY Backyard Ideas here.

So, follow and apply above methods of lawn care and maintenance. Choose the described times for using the techniques to prevent all the problems.

Let the air and sunlight enter in your lawn. Give your plants adequate nutrients and nourishment. Control the naught weeds and moss.

And continuously, keep your courtyard emphatic and limpid.


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