Live broadcast of a satellite launch by NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced this week that it will be live broadcasting the launch of its rocket with a 360 degree launch pad view! Previously, rocket launches could only be seen from a distance which was miles away from the actual launch pad. Later, cameras were fitted on the rockets to enable aeronautical engineers to study any problems during lift off. This is the first time a live broadcast of a rocket launch will be telecast on an online platform. NASA will also be broadcasting the launch on their official YouTube channel.

This mission will be a routine resupply mission to the International Space Station and is an alliance between NASA, commercial cargo provider Orbital ATK and launch service major United Launch Alliance. The rocket to be launched is an Atlas V rocket which is part of ULA”s fleet of rockets and will be carrying a payload of 3447 kg of science research material for Orbital ATK. The payload will also include supplies for the crew aboard the International Space Station and hardware for the orbiting lab on the ISS.

live broadcast

The launch is slated for a 30 minute window starting from 11:11 EDT on the 18th of April and the live streaming of the launch will begin 10 minutes prior to the launch. Since the live broadcast will be covered with a 360 enabled camera, viewers can use their pointers or tap on the screen to move around the launch pad before launch. Viewers who have connected their mobile devices to a Virtual Reality Headset can look around to experience the full 360 viewing experience.

NASA will be broadcasting this on their official YouTube channel and the 360 degree view will be available on browsers like Chrome and on Smartphones using the YouTube app. Watch the launch live at

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