MacBook Air Won’t Turn On? – Here’s What to Do

Everything in this world has come with some life and can disfunction while performing take a machinery any animal or the human. Even technologies create issues while the performance and same is with our mac computers. What we do when it stops working, just reboot it and it starts working as it have to. For some people its like the case of end of the world when they got to know that their mac is not working even after rebooting. Here are some options to justify the statement what to do when MacBook air won’t turn on.

MacBook Air Won’t Turn On

MacBook Air Won’t Turn On

Check the power connection

Make sure that your MacBook is connected to a running power supply port, even if the mac was fully charged, check if it is working properly and supplying the electricity or you can change the socket as there could be debris caught in the adapter port which may prevent it from charging. This usually happens.

If the battery of your mac is completely drained then leave it on charging mode for a few minutes or so. It will charge and will get turn on surely.

Disconnect all the peripherals

All the input devices that are attached to your mac should be removed immediately as it creates the resistance and problems why rebooting. And in a normal case you should eject all devices when you shut down the mac as it creates the problem in many forms.

Try a power cycle

It is just like you do the hard-press to the iPhone to reboot it after freezing, we do the same to the mac also. Its same , like pressing the power button and hold it for about 10 seconds until the rebooting process commence.

Reset the SMC

In the mac there is a controller of system management that brings you the smooth functioning in perspective of keyboards, cooling fans, batteries and power. Sometimes it is possible that there is a problem in System management controller that is stopping the mac to start as it is not able to pass the power from batteries. Hence, we need to reset the SMC for this purpose.

To reset SMC, you can do:

STEP 1: Power off your MacBook.

STEP 2: Press left Shift + Ctrl + Option + the power button all at once and Hold them for a two to three second.

STEP 3: Release all keys at once.

STEP 4: Turn the MacBook on.

This will bring the power to MacBook and will help it to get started for sure if its not any internal problem for the MacBook.

Perform the Factory Reset

Now from all the above options if your mac gets boot but is still unresponsive then you should go for the factory resetting process as it will help you to bring that responsive mac back to you but with default conditions

Let me clear you for this that there could be data loss for the purpose if you have not backed up your data regularly. Bringing this in case that what the factory data reset is, as it will provide you with the new defaulted settings and then you have to start from the beginning.

To factory reset MacBook: 

STEP 1: Ensure the power adapter is not plugged in.

STEP 2: Backup your data. Use an external hard drive or USB thumb stick to move important data off of your MacBook Air.

STEP 3: Shutdown your MacBook Air. Then plug the power adapter back in.

STEP 4: Press the power button and hold “Command-R.” Hold both keys until the Apple logo appears. You should be in recovery mode with a “Mac OS X Utilities” menu.

STEP 5: Connect to the internet. Select “Wi-Fi” from the Utilities menu and enter your Wi-Fi information.

STEP 6: Under “Utilities” select “Internet Recovery” or “OS X Recovery.”

STEP 7: Select “Reinstall OS X.” Your MacBook should download the latest OS X installation files.

STEP 8: Restart your MacBook Air.

This can be complicated but the only way of factory resetting the MacBook air, if there could have been some response then there could have been some other way.

Use disk utility to repair a damaged disk

The problem could have arrived being the disk as the reason as sometime damaged disk doesn’t allow mac to run appropriately. Then we have to perform the disk utility task in the recovery section of the MacBook. We have to activate the recovery mode of the mac as mentioned in the above method of factory resetting.

The steps followed after the activation of recovery more are:

STEP 1: Select “Disk Utility,” à click “Continue.”

STEP 2: Use the sidebar to select the disk you want to repair.

STEP 3: Select “First Aid.” If you see a message telling you that your disk is about to fail then you’ll have to replace it. You can’t repair the disk at this point. And you leave it there.

STEP 4: at last you have to click on “Run”. To make done to the process.

This will repair the disk and make the mac respond for the same.

Performance is the real thing that matters, so you should deal with these technical toys with little of care and less of efforts. Still got some problem left in these processes and methods let us know below. 

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