Nokia 8 Sirocco Specifications, Price, Release Date, Features, Highlights & Images

Nokia 8 Sirocco Features and Specifications

After decades of iterative changes by the engineers, Nokia has come up with an excellent development what it means to be the latest model of Nokia 8 Sirocco. If the audiences look back at the last few decades of gadgets, they will acknowledge that smart phone sets a new gold standard for the next decades in the technological arena. The customers love the build quality and stunning design for the latest model of the sleek and elegant model of Nokia. The company has made some drastic changes in the latest model. Nokia made the tech world enthralled with its dazzling and innovative inventions. The gadget world has witnessed that the Nokia 8 is a surprisingly easy device to live with.

The recent spectacular model is the most radical change in the gadget world and it has changed the products drastically. The launch of the stylish and modern model has grabbed the entire attention of the viewers and the critics. The buyers have a solid reason to showcase their phones among their social circle as the latest attractive modern sculpture which has been breathtaking for thousand viewers.


The recent model has never been about specifications, and that’s never been truer than with the latest model, which shares most of its internals with the design of iPhone or how you can interact with it on an everyday basis.

After flipping the Nokia 8 Sirocco, it is easy to forget almost all other mobile gadgets released this year. Technically, other phones may have slightly smaller bezels, but the audiences like the approach Nokia took here.

In this technological arena, Nokia has released the most stunning, attractive model. The most eminent giant is fully prepared to launch the three smartphones by this year. It has been considered as the biggest and largest iPhone ever. The device has a bigger display than arch-rival Samsung’s flagship phone.

NOKIA 8 Features and Specifications

The high-end flagship phones are highly differentiated by their design and the camera quality in this gadget era. There are few Nokia manufacturers when we talk about the processor’s speeds. Well, the company has reached a point of dwindling returns in terms of the amount of RAM and storage that can be stuffed into the gadget.

However, Nokia 8 has marked its return to the top position in the smartphone market by this year. Even this phone did not perform well with the time. The company is not completely blown away by this design and the overall level of features and capabilities.

Nokia 8 Sirocco Processor

The launching period of Nokia 8 Sirocco is extremely crucial as most of the companies will be leading out and showing the paces of the brand new top-end gadgets based on Qualcomm’s freshly commenced Snapdragon 845 processor and the new Nokia 8 Sirocco.

Well, multiple organizations are using aluminum for their brands but single block of stainless steel has been used for the Nokia 8 Sirocco. This is touted as a two and half time as strong as aluminum. It has been stated that the latest elegant, spectacular, dazzling model is sleek and smooth. However, the original Nokia 8800 Sirocco was also made up of stainless steel. It is the special edition of one of the company’s highest-end and the most expensive model. The latest magnificent model was created for the buyers who always wanted their gadgets as their status symbol. Well, it’s a neat callback to the Nokia’s old days but not the one that will be highly recognizable one.

Almost around 95 percent of the outer surface of the mobile set is made up of glass despite being made up of the stainless steel. It can pick up the smudges and fingerprints from the moment you first pick it up. The best suitable color for the recent dazzling, elegant, spectacular gadget is Black and it is the only color option which is best suitable one.


The latest screen of the Nokia 8 Sirocco curves hardly moves around the sides of the front. It is quite similar to what we’ve seen from Samsung and Blackberry for over the past few years. The recent elegant, attractive model has a 5.5-inch POLED panel with the QHD (1440*2560) resolution. It is quite similar to 16:9 but the gadget still lose a little bit of screen space due to its curves. It could be extremely hard to focus on the full-screen videos and games.
Nokia 8 Sirocco

Meanwhile, the body structure of the gadget is 7.5mm thin and it is getting thinner at the edges. The customers are always sure of the grip of this gadget when they are handling it with care and concern. The most vital casualties of the slimness body are the 3.5mm audio socket. The gadget might get the Type-C to 3.5mm dongle in the complete package. This is also the most vital one for the Nokia’s new launches to support Qi wireless charging saying special thanks to the glass back.


The recent mobile gadget will get a pair of cameras on the rear developed in conjunction with Zeiss. The camera represents 12-megapixel sensor with the telephoto lens and f/2.6 aperture. The latest gadget is the 5-megapixel front camera with a f/2.0 aperture and 84-degree field of view. The recent model is now calling its “bothie” feature Dual sight. It is letting it superimpose two shots taken with both the front and rear cameras.  There is some Pro Mode with the manual control over the multiple camera parameters which is quite high-end for the Nokia smartphones.

Final verdict

The overall performance of the model was good as the Snapdragon 835 processor which was as good as expected. The latest model has a 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which is highly supporting microSD cards. The gadget can get 3260mAh battery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0/ And other connectivity including Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5, NFC, high-speed LTE and a 24-bit audio recording with the microphones.

In the recent times, there are numerous flagships powered by the newer hardware, boasting new capabilities when it comes to the entertainment.


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