How To Open RAR files on a Mac (Complete Steps)

Open RAR files on a Mac: This reminds me of my childhood when I used to borrow some games from my friends and they offered it with a zipped file and then I beg for the RAR file extractor. But that was the time of windows, and we don’t even know of the mac. Now the question that arises is that how you to open RAR files or the zipped files in macbook. There is no hard and fast rule or we have to bring any changes to our mac, we have to just take the help of third party application to make you clear of the work. In this article I am going to discuss about the files and the explorers.

Open RAR files on a Mac

Open RAR files on a Mac

What is a RAR file anyway?

RAR files (.rar) are Roshal Archive files named after their inventor, Eugene Roshal. They are the primary compressed file type used on the internet and the files downloaded from the internet. Alongside ZIP files, they enable us to integerate the set of files to make them easier and faster to download. As many of us live entirely on our phones with limited data plans, that’s a good thing but if we are downloading a heavy file it could be zipped and even we require RAR extractor to bring the things out.

Working of file compression

RAR file compression takes place when the file size is high on bits and procure the heavy data load. Then the purpose of integrating the file size takes place. RAR files use lossless compression to shrink file sizes. As there are many files with the information or with the same information multiple times, just to bring those bits compression this performance takes place.

For Example – lets suppose there is file with bits size of AAAABBBBCCCCDDDD, without the compression and if we simply the size like 4A4B4C4D, it is the compressed size for the file. Resembling the presence of 4 A, 4 B, 4 C, 4 D. this is how RAR files work.

To RAR a file, the application will compress it into an archive and append it with the .rar extension. To make use of the file, you will need to decompress it back to its original state with a tool that can work with .rar files.

Open RAR files on MAC

The basic thing of this purpose that how to manage opening of RAR file in mac. As we can easily have the third party application and inbuilt feature to the windows to unzip the file, so lets see how this thing can help even mac also.


WinZip entered the market as the sole player of this field and was first Windows ZIP compression tool. Looking for the diversification in its field, WinZip entered the macOS market as There is a Mac version too which works with RAR files. The version is very light in size and works seamlessly.

Here are the short step guide for guiding you –

  1. Download and install the WinZip from google.
  2. Right click your RAR file and select Service with WinZip then Unzip.
  3. Set a location for the extracted files.

The process is clear and simple and can bring ease to the performance of your software and mac too.


The Unarchiver is the tool specifically made for the macOS It is free and works like a charm. If you are a regular worker with the compressed files then my friend it is the diamond for you.

Coming up with the steps of its process, Now:

  1. Download and install the Unarchiver app from the play store and if you to go through the website, you can search for it at their developers site.
  2. Open the app and Drag and drop the RAR file onto The Unarchiver icon. You can right click it and select The Unarchiver as another option for the same.
  3. Set a download location and let the tool do its work.

The Unarchiver works really smooth and don’t create any panic to the file and the user. For a general advice as I experienced it personally that the version on the play store and the version on the developers’ website are different and the developer’s website’s version was more up in the terms of performances.


iZip works same and just according to its name. Its free with small footprints to be followed and the RAR file got decompressed. It doesn’t do anything WinZip or The Unarchiver cannot do but it is a small sized perfect application for people like us.

The footprints to be followed for the completion of the purpose are –

  1. Download and install the iZip from the appstore.
  2. Launch the application and drag the RAR file into it. You can also right click and use the context menu to open the file with iZip.
  3. Set a location for the decompressed file.

Simplicity is being with this app as it just does what it is meant for, decompressing the RAR file and providing the place to manage unzipped files.



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