How to put iPhone in recovery mode

As a best of all devices iPhone is, it still faces some of the problems that can be solved at that moment of time or require a special assistance of being put on the recovery. Problem can be of any type and any level, if a device is in use then facing any sort of problem is a general thing, what we require to know is the ways how we can start the recovery of our iPhone.

There are various of cases of problems which can be solved by just restarting your phones or by doing hard press. But some problems and issues might make you to put your phone on recovery mode as they are quite serious. For example, your phone got stuck during an update or just become completely unresponsive.

How to put iPhone in recovery mode

How to put iPhone in recovery mode

Yes, for any person its Data is the most important thing to be kept secured, when the phone stopped working all we worry is for the data loss. I know what you all will be thinking that putting phone on the recovery mode will erase all the data, so I will say yes it will happen hence putting any iPhone on the recovery mode is kept as the last resort. And as a part of the suggestion, I will suggest you all to try all other option at initial and immediate stage and then go for the recovery stage. The reason is that this process is so firm-resistant that many people don want to go for it as it may take long long time.

Before taking you all to the steps and processes of how to put your iPhone on the recovery mode, I want to make it clear that the ways of putting recovery mode on has been changed from iPhone 7 and if you have any model of iPhone 6s and earlier the method is different. Let’s have a look to it.

Putting an iPhone 7 into recovery mode

STEP 1: Make sure your iPhone is turned off.

STEP 2: Next step is to press and hold the volume down button of iPhone.

STEP 3: (While holding the volume down button) plug in the device to the computer to ensure that the iTunes is working.

STEP 4: As the iPhone is connected to the iTunes screen you can release the volume button and leave your iPhone to get recover.

These steps may not include any of the complexity as it has been made easier by the apple to recover the new phone models (iPhone 7 and later) as easy as possible and as soon as possible. Let’s have a look how to put recovery on in the 6s and earlier models too.

Putting iPhone 6s or earlier into recovery mode

STEP 1: Just like iPhone 7 , you need to check if your iPhone 6s is turned off or not.

STEP 2: now you have to press and hold the home button of the device.

STEP 3: While holding down the home button, plug the device to computer and check if the device gets connected to the iTunes and appears on the screen.

STEP 4: Once the device is connected to the iTunes then you can release the home button and can leave for the recovery and will be able to begin the restore and restart of the device.

The above presented steps allow your device to get connected with the iTunes which shows the message that it has found an iPhone up for the recovery and has detected a phone in recovery mode. Then from there the app will let you to help in restoring the device from whatever issue you and your iPhone was facing. If you wish to bring off the process of recovery and simply you can plug out the device from the computer and restart your phone. In any case if recovery mode fails to meet your expectations of restoring your phone, I will suggest you to take it to the professionals or speak to apple service centres.

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