Samsung Gear S3 – Whats New in the latest update

Whats New in the latest update of Samsung Gear S3

The Samsung Gear S3 launched back in November 2016 is one of the most powerful and successful smartwatches in the world. The Samsung Gear S3 was launched to compete with the Apple Watch and the latest update puts the Gear S3 back in the competition, just when we thought the Samsung’s losing it. Before we tell you about the new features, the latest update brings to the Samsung Gear S3, you should know a word or two about the Samsung Gear S3.

Samsung Gear S3 Design and Specifications

Samsung Gear is a series of Smartwatches manufactured by the South Korean company, Samsung Electronics. Samsung Gear S3 is the third of its name and series. The Gear S3 has a 1.3” super AMOLED display with a pixel resolution of 360 x 360. It also has Exynos 7270 Dual core processor and a 380 mAh Li-ion battery. Tizen is the operating system being used in the watches. It also has 4 GB internal memory, 768 MB RAM. It comes in two models: Classic and Frontier. It comes with a touchscreen interface also with a support of two buttons that can be used to navigate throughout the panel. There are a lot more features, but we wish to conclude them here.

Just in case, if you wonder it’s a whole lot of technology in a small watch; then let me tell you, it gets regular updates too, bringing a brand new lot of features to the already “Smart” watch. And one of the updates is the latest one. The latest update presents you the newer version of the operating system, Tizen i.e. Tizen v3.0.0.1. This update brings some premium features and some quality improvements to the existing ones.

Samsung Gear S3 Update New features

If you’ll see the update pop-up that shows up on your smartphone, the update includes the following:

Latest features and apps included on Samsung Gear S3 Update

  • Samsung Connect: Monitor and manage smart devices the smarter way with Gear S3
  • Gear VR Controller: Easily control your Gear VR right from your wrist with the Gear S3
  • PPT Controller: Command the audience and the presentation with the Gear S3 PPT controller
  • Watch face: Share your favourite watch face with others and browse for new ones easily
  • Samsung Health: Refresh your motivation with our highly improved health app and widgets. Continuous HR monitoring is available now and the multi-workouts widget has been added so you can start your favourite activities faster
  • Contacts and Calendar: Create contacts and events right from your wrist with the Gear S3
  • Reminder: Receive reminders and alarms created on the paired smartphone
  • Safety: Send SOS requests now include altitude for more accurate tracking
  • Weather: Briefing containing today’s weather information including temperature difference and the chance of rain or snow
  • Handwriting: More languages are supported via language download and update
  • Ringtone: Set music saved on the Gear as your ringtone
  • Apps: Quickly access your favourite and recent apps using the App shortcuts widget, and edit the ordering method for Apps
  • Quick panel: Refreshed layout with more Quick settings
  • New icon and widget design.

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Besides these, there are a lot more features to consider like “Clear all” option to clear all your notifications. Moreover, now you can browse and download any compatible application from Galaxy Apps Store straight your watch. The exercising and health monitoring features also got some major improvements providing a real-time heart rate monitoring. Creating events with a bunch of detailed information, adding contacts to the address book directly from the watch is now supported.

The Samsung Gear S3 got the mixed response from the masses, majority love it. But the new update is yet to be tested and Samsung has put a lot of hopes in it. The Samsung desperately needs a major breakthrough in the global wearable market as it was ranked 5 in the top 5 spots of the global wearable market for Q3 2017, facing a massive defeat by Apple, Xiaomi, Fitbit, Huawei. Samsung only managed to ship one smartwatch for around 23 Galaxy flagship smartphones during the Quarter. So the Samsung made the present update which is highly expected to raise the market for Samsung.

Samsung Gear S4 Expected Release date

Samsung is releasing new updates for Gear S3 but till now there is no official announcement for the release of Samsung Gear S4. In the recent talks of Samsung Gear S3 and the Samsung Conferences, the one thing missing was the announcement of the release of Samsung Gear S4. As per the rumours, the Samsung still plans to launch the successor for the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier smartwatches. But after the CES 2018 announcements being out of the way, we still have no official word for the release and obviously, no more information has been handed. The hopes are still up and the release of the Samsung Gear S4 is still awaited.

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