Sleep Elusive in Summer for you? Here are some remedies for you!

If you are like me, the long sweltering nights in summer are terrible and it is difficult to sleep peacefully through the night and you end up cranky and irritable.  This impairs our ability to work normally the next day. This cycle keeps continuing till you wonder what you can do to have a good night’s sleep during the hot summer nights.

Here are a few remedies that ought to help you combat sleeplessness and have a peaceful sleep.

Simple Remedies for Sleep Elusive in Summer

  1. Take a shower in lukewarm water before you go to bed.

Wait, you wonder if I got it wrong. No. Rather than have a cold shower, when you take a bath in tepid water, your body temperature will be hotter than the room temperature and your body will cool down to counteract with the outside temperature and you will feel sleepy.

  1. Have a light meal for dinner at least 2 to 3 hours before your bedtime.

When you have a light meal, your digestive system is not working hard and your body gets the rest it craves. If you feel hungry, just have a slice of fruit or a small bowl of cereal to keep away the hunger pangs.

  1. Wear loose, cotton clothes.

Wearing light, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, you will feel cooler. Make sure that your bed is not made of foam either. Foam absorbs heat. Use pillows filled with cotton.

  1. Sleep on a lower floor if you can.

The top floors of a building can be hotter than the lower floors. Sleep on the ground floor or the basement, if you have that option. Similarly, sleeping on the floor is better than sleeping on the bed.

Read more about Which direction to sleep here.!

  1. Stick your feet out.


While most of us like to sleep without the bed covers over us, there are a few who can’t sleep without a bedcover on. Remember to stick your feet out since our body gives out heat through the soles of our feet.

  1. Have ice packs or a vessel with cold water in front of the fan.

If you don’t have an A/c, then have a cool breeze by keeping ice packs or a dish with ice cold water so that the air blowing from the fan is cooler.

  1. Hang a wet sheet on the open window of your bedroom.

When you hang a wet sheet, the air blowing in through the window will be cool.

  1. Keep your mobile phones off the bed.

These small appliances give off heat. So unplug them and keep them switched off if possible.

  1. Keep a bottle of cold water by your bed.

Take sips of cold water when you feel very hot during the night. It will cool you down.

  1. Keep the shades closed during the day.


Let your windows have the shades closed so that heat does not enter the room.

Try the above tricks and let us know whether you are able to sleep better during summer!

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