Smartphones Personification

Smartphones Personification :

Do you think smartphones can be personified? Well somebody would say it is hypothetical but somebody somewhere in the world has proved it right. I got to read this article a few days back. The article said a man from US married a smartphone with quite a gung ho in LA taking oath under chapel. It was not a joke; it was a typical LA wedding. Although I was not dumbfounded after reading it but it took on my nerves that what circumstances would have compelled that man to marry a smartphone instead of a beautiful lady.

I thought over it again and again and decided to watch my own schedule. I woke up in the morning and the alarm in my mobile phone helps me watch the time. As the day passes, I read day to day news through my smartphone, I chat with my friends in my phone, and my daughter keeps watching her rhymes in my smartphone. Even if I do not have anything to do I have my smartphone in hand, just to pass my time. And then I realised how smartphones have become an inherent part of our life and the decision of that person was not at all wrong.

Instead I would appreciate his decision as instead of marrying a lady and not paying her due attention, he married a smartphone and his smartphone will get all the required attention any wife would demand. You must be thinking that I am exaggerating on it but have you thought of it anytime in your life. People around you are waiting for your attention, care and warmth and on the contrary you are always busy looking for likes of not so important people in your life.

I think the time has come when we all should take an oath to give not undue importance to smartphones otherwise this trend will continue and everybody will be behind marrying smartphones only. Think what would happen to all marriage bureaus and think how much the cost of smartphones would plummet. Lolz..!

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