Students Can Earn Money From Mobile Apps

Are you a Student and looking for some pocket money by working in little spare time? Then, you are at the right place. We are bringing some alternative ways to earn money using the mobile apps. You can earn money using these mobile apps now.

Students! Earn Money From Mobile Apps

Students have to constantly struggle to keep the extra bucks with them yet somehow always manage to lose the saved money. With the rising demand for today’s lifestyle choices, younger part of the population needs an easier money-making process for students to fit in with normalcy. This gets pretty tough as parents and guardians refuse to spare the extra cash compelling the students to look for alternative income processes. Be it part-time jobs or starting an aspiring business, earning money today has become a lot more convenient than what it was before and with the emergence of the internet and its availability, now you can earn money from mobile apps as well. Just make sure to look out for the ones that could take care of your internet money transfers and you’d be good to go to save money for your daily expense.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

The most trustworthy income process would be the company that owns the Android operating system. Since the time you sign up for the Google services through your Android platform, Google will give you 20-30 surveys every week in order to complete with proper reviews on different products. They need these reviews for various other companies for insight. The Google Opinion Rewards is an app, therefore, that, however, doesn’t let you earn cash rewards, yet would give you 0.1 cents to 2 dollars.

Students Can Earn Money From Mobile Apps

 2. MooCash

MooCash is possibly the easiest and fastest money earning mobile app available on Google Play Store. The app lets you earn cash rewards from using Android cell phone or tablet by simply using the app as your lock screen. You just have to swipe left or right according to the offers available on the lock screen. For claiming the coins you earned, you would have to redeem them into cash via Google cash card or PayPal. Apart from claiming coins to earn money, the app offers Amazon and Google Play gift cards.

MooCash is another money earning mobile app for students

 3. ESPN Streak for the Cash

ESPN Streak for the Cash is considered as a lottery app among good pocket money apps. It’s very simple to use and is available for both iOS and Android users. Ideal for sports fanatics, the app lets you predict the winners of a particular sports match. If you do the predictions correctly, then you get to win grand cash prizes. There’s no trifling amount of cash earned through this app, rather it only aims for the bigger picture here. Without unnecessary installing apps and games, this app lets you win 1.2 million dollars as yearly prizes according to the predictions.



ESPN Streak for the Cash is easy money earning mobile app for students

 4. Earn Money

A cliched name for a cliched money-making Android app, yet it works fine for students in need of that extra cash. By installing apps and games, you get to earn money, yet you might also have to watch a few videos to complete the process. Also, the pay is comparatively low but since it is easy and hassle-free to use, indulge in earning money if you have a lot of free time to spare and a good internet connection.

Earn Money is easy money earning mobile app for students

 5. Viggle money making mobile App

This is an easier money-making process for students by simply listening to music or watching TV. Viggle understands that boredom hits youngsters much easily and that they need to be lured into something addictive for earning money. This clever app lets you watch plain TV or listening to music albums for your good pocket money. The app lets you choose your favorite TV show or music album to earn money. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Apart from streaming videos, there’s a live video option. It lets you earn the extra bucks by simply taking part in a few live polls. You could later redeem the points or gift cards for a limited number of outlets.

Viggle is one of the easier money-making process for students

 6. SquadRun

An Indian Android app, SquadRun lets you earn by completing different tasks as listed or shown by the app. The app offers e-money in the form of ‘SquadCoins’. It can be later redeemed by PayUmoney and Paytm Wallet. Earn money from the mobile app by simply completing little tasks and missions in your free time, and you could later transfer the money earned to your bank account as well. Also, if you join using your Facebook account and verify your number by the app, you would get better earning options than others.

Earn money from SquadRun mobile app

Hope these apps help you to start earning money in your spare time. Let us know how you goes with these apps. Also, keep following this space for the updated list of money making mobile apps. We will constantly revise this list to serve you better!.

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