It’s that fun time of the year again! Time to get your colored clothes out and show some skin! Go for beach holidays and frolic around! Flipside is, it’s also the time when scorching sun, dust and humidity play havoc on the skin, both for men and women. So it is essential to know a bit about skincare.

Profuse sweating, dry and dull skin, acne, heat boils, rashes, skin infections etc. are some of the skin problems we face during summers. As such, beauty is definitely not skin deep! It’s important to take utmost care of the body, both internally and externally. Diet, clothing and lifestyle changes are definitely required to tackle skin issues during the hot months. Rest assured, your skin will thank you later!

Here are a few tips to combat that hot sun from destroying your skin:


Wear light, loose-fitting, cotton clothes that do not cause much sweating and rub against the skin.



Diet has direct effect on your skin. Avoid heat producing food like meat. Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cucumber is an excellent food that cools the body. Drink lemon juice or coconut water instead of sugary drinks. Drink substantial amount of water to hydrate, not only your skin, but your whole body. Sip small quantities at regular intervals, especially if you are going out. These habits will prevent breakouts and acne in the skin.



Take bath daily to keep your skin fresh and remove sweat. Combat prickly heat by adding neem leaves to your bath water. For those with pimples, acne or oily skin, wash your face a couple of times with cold, clean water.


In summer, the skin pores get clogged more due to sweat and dirt. So, it is very important to scrub and exfoliate your entire body to avoid bacterial skin infections. Use scrubs rich in Vitamin E or containing sea salt. For the face, use a milder scrub. After scrubbing, moisturize your skin to keep it soft and supple. Use a light, non-greasy moisturizer or Aloe Vera products for best results.



Stick to the basic mantra of exfoliating, cleaning, toning and moisturizing your face, before sleeping. Avoid heavy make-up. Depending on your skin type, use a face mask containing natural ingredients, twice a week to get back the glow. Also exfoliate your lips and use a lip balm to avoid chapping. While stepping out in the sun, use sunglasses to protect the eyes. Splash cold water on eyes regularly and use cucumber pieces to cool it.



The harmful UV rays of the sun damage the skin, causes wrinkles and spots and can also cause skin cancer. Hence, use a very good quality, non-greasy sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more whenever you step out. Use waterproof sunscreens at the pool or beach. Make sure you dab sunscreen generously all over your body. Don’t forget your ears, nape and feet! Reapply after every two hours.



Soothe sunburns by using ice, Aloe Vera gels or white petroleum jelly. Try to cover exposed body parts with appropriate clothing and always use an umbrella under the sun.


There! Not that hard! Now enjoy your summers without worries about skincare!

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