Why Tasty Food Is Bad For Your Health?

Ever since man invented fire, we have been making delicious cooked food for our survival. Over the recent past though, humans are becoming increasingly dependent on food that is tasty over food that is healthy. Since healthcare is so easy to procure these days, we aren’t watching what we eat, unlike the old days. The turn of the century also saw a variety of inventions in the food industry with the main one being junk food and the ease of availability. Junk food was also very easy to prepare and readily available making it a top food choice for most Americans. In respect to consuming of unhealthy food, Americans rank among the top because of the number of fast food chains and outlets they have. Here are some foods which are harmful to you and need to be avoided at all costs.

Soft Drinks

In this age of fast food, added sugar is a social evil. People are now being forced to consume more sugar than they actually require. Added sugar is one such source of sugar. Sugary drinks are the worst source of sugar a person can consume because of its effect on the body. Drinking something with sugar in it will not register in the brain as it is only a drink. This will cause the body to stop tracking calories. Drinking sugary drinks will cause an increased calorie consumption which in turn causes several diseases.

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Pizza is one of the most indulging and tasty foods of our generation. Researchers have even figured out that pizza is actually the most liked food by people all over the world. Pizza can usually be a healthy choice if prepared at home using fresh ingredients. This is not the case with commercial pizza joints however. They use refined flour and highly processed meat which are all very harmful for the body. Combine this with the fattiness that comes from the cheese and pizza becomes the cause of most diseases from junk food.

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Packaged Fruit Juices

Fruit juices may seem like the healthiest of all packed food but this is not the case. These juices contain even more sugar than soft drinks in some cases which moot the point of drinking it. Fruit is supposed to be a nutritious supplement but packaged and processed juice might be very harmful to your body.

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Vegetable Oils

In a normal household, it is very common to see vegetable oils as they are primarily used for cooking at home. This defeats the purpose of eating healthy food at home because vegetable oils are actually unhealthier than you think. These oils are refined a lot which leads to an increase in the Omega-6 fatty acids which are harmful to the body. These oils also cause an increased risk of heart disease. The refined oils used in a household are very prone to oxidation. If ingested once oxidized, this causes a lot of stress on our body’s digestive system to digest the oil in spite of the oxidation.

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These are some of the most harmful day-to-day edibles we eat that may be ruining our health even now. Try your best to cut back on these processed foods to lead a healthy life.

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