How to Turn on Airplay in Apple devices (Complete Guide)

You might think of using the airplay option in the control centre of your iDevice. Let it be the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can stream the videos and anything from your device onto the TV, via apple TV through the simple inbuilt system of Airplay in the apple devices. Today I will show you how it’s going to work.

Bringing apple device to its functioning of airplay, you can easily bring the content streaming to your apple tv with full HD display from any apple device. There are some requirements and some easy procedures to get this all done. So, here I am again with the article of your help, to make things clear on the mac for you.

Airplay from an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

How to Turn on Airplay in Apple devices

How to Turn on Airplay in Apple devices

You can make the streaming of the content through airplay onto the TV of 2nd gen or later. You just have to make sure for few things that your both the devices or the any devices performing this task should be connected to same wi-fi network and yes ready to be performed. Then open the control centre of the device (I am considering the iPhone) , by scrolling upwards from bottom of screen. There would be an icon like ‘triangle down to a rectangle forming a TV’ click on that, it will then show you the connected devices and ready for the streaming of the specified content.

Accessing from the portable devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been made easy all you need is to get connected to common wi-fi network and then all is the pairing system that we used to do it with Bluetooth systems.

After clicking on the airplay icon, it will show the list of the devices you just have to choose the device for the streaming of the required content.

Mirror an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Mirroring an iPhone screen on the apple TV is just the same task we do the airplay, it is just called mirroring as it presents the real iPhone screen to your TV screen. All the requirements are done when you got the same wi-fi connection to both the devices i.e. iPhone and the Apple TV.

When you turn on the mirroring option from the control centre the options occurred with the devices connected to the wi-fi, you have to choose one and enter the airplay password to it and on the other hand you have to just adjust the screen requirements to make it fir to the screen of apple TV.

Mirroring provides the great experience of having your iPhone screen on the HD mode apple TV.

 Streaming iTunes content

How to Turn on Airplay in Apple devices

How to Turn on Airplay in Apple devices

Now streaming iTunes content from the computer, Airport Express, or Airplay-enabled device, directly onto the apple TV is bit lengthy but can provide a great HD experience for both the purpose. Purpose may differ in watching any movie or playing a game. And trust me playing game with high definition picture quality will not be a bad option at all.

Coming up the steps and working, you are required to check if both the devices that are to be interconnected for streaming should be connected to the same wi-fi network.

Then after opening the iTunes on the computer you have to click on the airplay icon on the menu bar of iTunes, remember, the icon of the airplay on the menu bar will only appear if there is any device connected. If no device is connected for airplay then no icon will appear.

Clicking on the icon and then enjoy the streaming of your computer’s iTunes screen, for enjoying the love of music or the content of any device connected to the iTunes such as Airport Express, or Airplay-enabled device, iPhone, iPad , iPod Touch etc.

Airplay a video from Mac to an HD TV

As said, technology innovates and come up with exciting new features. With the help of mac OS X El Capitan or later will provide the best of the apple mirroring as now you can now do the live streaming on to your HD tv by making an HD apple tv your mac screen and using safari and other online options played easily.

Just like other options both the mac and the TV should be connected to the same wi-fi network. The connection is then cleared when there is the airplay option on the safari menu bar to make it easy for connecting it to the apple tv. On the quick time menu bar, you can use the mirroring option for streaming the content from your mac to a smart HD Television.

Hence, all for this purpose of connecting the airplay streaming to the smart TV is through a common wi-fi connection, all you can have is to enjoy the vast experience of good quality and good resemblance. Hopefully, this will be helpful to my friends out there, I am here to help more, will be looking for more queries.

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