Where To Watch Free Movies Online without Downloading, Signing Up, or Paying

In the modern era of online streaming with easy access to almost every form of visual content, watching movies online seems to be a pretty obvious thing and should be available easily for access to one and all. Although services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO offer free trial services, but these services prove to be quite expensive on long terms with subscription ranging from $7.99 to $14.99. RedBox kiosks also offers a cheap way to rent DVDs but are not easily accessible and you might end up travelling a long distance to rent a DVD, which doesn’t seem to be very useful. So the easiest way to watch movies for a low cost or free is to look for the sites that offer a range of movies streaming for free.

Where To Watch Free Movies Online

Where To Watch Free Movies Online

There are tonnes of legal and ethical problems occurring while streaming movies online. Streaming a movie for free through most of the websites usually means you are breaking the copyright law, which is covered under the Copyright Act of 1976, and allows people caught pirating content to be fined anywhere between $750 to $30,000 per copyrighted work. There are so many legal examples of pirates going bankrupt when caught and believe us when we say you don’t want to be one of those peoples.

But of course, this is internet and there is an always other way around and so does in this case. There are a number of legal and illegal ways to stream content online without having to download anything or pay a cent from your credit card. As everyone around doesn’t have the privilege to subscribe for the internet streaming services like Netflix and other fellas.

So here’s our pick, of the ways to watch movies online for free without paying a penny. These are mainly ad-supported services, without any kind of hidden fees or charges.

1. Internet Movie Archive

This is not going to be your site if you are looking for the latest movie releases, but if you are a fan of classic films or older films you crave to watch in this era, you are going to be pleased by this site. The Archive.org hosts a number of classic films like Night of the Living Dead, the original 1968 horror classic. The video library stretches to a number of more than three million videos altogether and is best noted for the niche film genres.

As far as the design is concerned, the layout doesn’t seem to be pretty good or attractive. You’ll find the site pretty hard to browse largely due to the size of the library. The total amount of their videos is quite large and among them, the user uploaded content rules the proportion. So it becomes pretty hard to find the quality content from this stack. So, the easy way to find free movies is to go to the feature film section of theirs, linked here, where they have around 6000 different titles altogether, by default sorted by popularity. And there are some great titles there like, Roger Corman’s classic The Fast and the Furious (unrelated from the current series), Plan 9 From Outer Space one of the finest works of the noted director Ed Wood, and 1960’s marijuana paranoia film Reefer Madness. All of these films are worth watching and usually don’t put off anyone looking for some lost classics and to find something new they’ve never seen before.

There are almost none of the latest releases available on the Archive, but that doesn’t mean the site has nothing to offer. Although the site is pretty to browse for the quality content, but the site does offer a wide range of quality content, especially some of the olden classics. The average viewer might not like this site because of the age of the films, but for any true movie buff looking to watch some quintessential content, this site is definitely a heads up.


This site seems to be an interesting platform with an easy to browse interface and a really great and easy search function, but there is a problem with this site. The site is really useful to find out what is streaming on other platforms, but it presents its content in such a way that it is easy to be fooled into thinking that the site includes the content, but actually the content isn’t there. The platform does have a collection of unknown films and family friendly content- good for parents and film lovers, but won’t attract the masses. But still let’s take a look at what it offers.

One of the easiest way to browse Yidio’s free content is going to their movie section and reducing everything from their complete collection to only their free content. There is an option at the top of the search interface titled as “Free” that further narrows down the content to only free stuff, which then displays only what’s available online without any payment. Back in July of the previous year, the Yidio had a wide variety of content to choose from, including the films like Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, the Disney channel movie Zapped, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Escape from Planet Earth and Goodnight Mommy. However most of these are not available on the Yidio right now, which means the platform had lost a lot of its titles over the past couple of months.

While Texas Chainsaw Massacre was still on the front page of the site, but the other titles were gone and nearly any other recognisable film provided for free. The most popular movie on the site is White Lion. Others including Case 39, Dear Dumb Diary, and Red Dog.

While usually the above mentioned films doesn’t seem to be liked by the masses, as are the other popular titles on Yidio. It means, the Yidio has not the pretty content to attract the viewers. And even if you find something to watch from the list, you don’t get to watch on the site itself. After clicking on the “Watch” button, you are directed to the website on which it is currently streaming. These sites usually require an account to sign in to the website, which usually includes just email id and a password. Unfortunately, this means Yidio is not the perfect platform to stream the quality content for free or without any account.

3. SnagFilms

The websites About section quotes its mission as emulating a “cool local video store with unique indie films and hidden movie treasures” built for the internet and to a very extent, has managed to accomplish this goal. You will find a ton of indie documentaries, low budget dramas and classic films from Old Hollywood. The site puts an emphasis publicizing films with important social messages or meanings. The site provides theme based content on various occasions, like it focused on Black History Month in the month of February, displaying documentaries on Muhammad Ali, Jimi Hendrix and Louis Armstrong. You are more likely to see categories like Justice, Youth and Education, Refugee and Immigrant Stories, and Veterans and Military.

SnagFilms’ site is simple to use with a clear and straightforward design that has a recommendation in the banner on the top of the homepage, with a list of categories and genres lying underneath, dividing their films and documentaries into specific topics. The content available on the site is usually not the easily recognisable one but it does include a few classic films from early-to-mid-20th century, including films by Charlie Chaplin, the 1950s animated adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill Jr. The site offers the content for free and that too without any commercial break or interruption with great quality and sound.

The site doesn’t alarm the viewers looking around for established hits and films they’ve seen previously in theatres. But for those who wish to go for something new the site does have a lot of quality content to look out for. The site offers the ad free streaming, without any requirement for an account, this seems to be a pretty decent site.

4. YouTube

Everybody knows that the YouTube is a home to a ton of streaming films and while plenty of them require rentals. But if you are good at browsing and you do know where to look at, you’ll find user-uploaded entire films for streaming. But, these film are technically breaking the copyright but there is also no reason not to check out these films streaming on YouTube for free. It could be pretty difficult to find great films on YouTube, but there are some great selections available if you get to straighten things up and do a little extra effort.

The easiest method to look for films on YouTube is to search for it. If you are not looking for a specific film, you can typically find a number of channels that upload and host content. Usually, the newer or popular films get the copyright strikes immediately, as film studios set up bots to automatically take down content that matches their own films.

YouTube also has a huge number of new content available for rent, obviously requiring an account and a credit card. For getting your hands on free content, you might have to put a little bit of extra efforts and it is very likely that if you get your hands on the content, it could have been blocked due to copyright claims. The quality of the content is never guaranteed. YouTube is home to a ton of content, though it requires a little extra work, but you are highly likely to get the content.

5. Crackle

Crackle is one of the only studio-backed free streaming services left standing in the current scenario, after Hulu left their free tier behind last August to focus on their paid content. Sony Pictures owns Crackle that points directly to Sony released films dominating the content. But there are few other offerings available on the site. Crackle has one of the better libraries for both original and non original content available for free. But you’ll find finds everywhere on the sites and on the content too, which indirectly points to the content being completely legal.

Crackle usually updates their library, so it means just because something’s available on the website will remain there permanently. Crackle has a lot interesting and relevant titles of both movies and TV shows, including Heroes and Heroes Reborn, Adaptation, Bad Boys II, Bottle Rocket, Legion (the film) and the Cave. There are a number of Crackle original productions on the site as well, including Joe Dirt 2, Dead Rising: Watchover, and Charlie Sheen’s Mad Families. In the field of TV shows, there are shows like All in the Family, The Critic, Jackie Chan Adventures and some other shows too.

The site is easy to browse with a fair number of advertisements but on a whole, nothing too serious. Due to regular updates, you’ll be seeing new and old contents here regularly. You can sign up for an account to add movies and shows to a watch list to keep track of your content. Crackle on overall, is one of the cleanest and easiest to use sites and that too with the legal content.

6. TubiTV

TubiTV doesn’t ask you to create a new account on the website. Instead it lets you access the content by using Facebook account to log in. TubiTV is a fully free and ad supported service, that means the content is legal. The TubiTV has some really great content and the site is pretty decently organised with an easy to use layout that makes it very easy to navigate to the good content. TubiTV also updates the libraries regularly which means you won’t be seeing the same content there for a longer period of time. The site has apps for both Android and iOS platform devices.

At first, the TubiTV website looks like Hulu’s layout. The content is categorised into various genres and categories. There are categories like comedy, horror, and “Not on Netflix” and a “Leaving Soon” category that makes it easy to point the movies that are soon to be leaving the service. Some of the quality content available includes Saw II, the first Paranormal Activity, Charlie Bartlett, Like Crazy, Overboard and much more. There is a category named as “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes”, which displays the critically acclaimed films including Oldboy, A Fish Called Wanda, Young Adult, The Last Waltz and The Little Shop of Horrors. There are some other great films in the collection of the one of the best legal streaming websites on the Internet at the moment.

Advertisements, sometimes can be frustrating if you are watching a movie. The ads come in chunks of three to five ads, and the service sometimes fails at breaking up the content smoothly. The web player is buggy too. But still, there are a number of great titles streaming over the service that makes it one of the best streaming service on the internet.

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